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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by gofish101, Sep 23, 2012.

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    I purchased a Skykomish Sunrise earlier this year and now have a leak. I also have a friend that picked one up late last year and he has had 2 leaks. I have used mine about 20 times and am not rough on it, but it seems strange that both of us have had issues. I live in BC but unfortunately the place I bought it from will patch it or at least that what they did with my friend's.
    I guess what I am wondering is I have heard so many positive things about these boats, has the quality changed and is it the same down South with regards to warranty, fix and patch over replace?
    I am thinking about picking up a Outcast Pac1000FS as I have lost faith in bladderless technology, any thoughts?
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    I don't have any issues with my older style (not bladderless). I don't use it as much as I anticipated. I may try something quicker to set up and lighter to pack.
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    Try calling North Fork Outdoors directly and see if they can help you. I always go bladderless.
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    I have the pontoon with bladders and have had no issues.
  5. Blown Tube 001 (Small).JPG I have the model with bladder, developed a blister after 3 years in one tube. Took a week or so of email/clling, but once I contacted Dave he was great; asked me to send both back for inspection and turnaround was 10 days or less.

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    That is one nasty blister but glad to hear everything worked out. I contacted the shop in Kelowna I purchased it from, and sure enough the line I was given is they will fix it, due to shipping cost. I was not impressed needless to say. So I got out the Aquaseal and fixed it. As I said though I am not entirely sold that the bladderless pontoon sold with this frame is up to par. The 3 leaks I have seen all have very small crease marks on either side and there are lots of creases.
    I have looked at the Maxxon tubes and they are 2200 denier pvc with 3300 denier pvc on the bottom, much heavier duty than the Schadden tubes with chambers.
    The thing that bugs me the most is I had a cheapy ODC Sport that lasted 3 years with me and 2 years with my nephew and still has another season at a fraction of the cost.
    It just drives me nuts when both product and store let you down. I try to support the smaller independent companies but they are making it hard.
    Thanks for the feedback
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    A lot depends on how they're stored. I don't know if you stored it folded up, but that's the only time I've noticed a crease in the fabric.
    I'm another one that thinks you should call NFO directly 801-392-5404.