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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jordan Simpson, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Has anyone cut off the head to their Outbound or similar and used slickshooter as the running line?
    As much as the running line that comes with the Outbound can shoot, I found myself liking the slickshooter on my switch rod quite a bit and was wondering if anyone has ever combined the two before.
  2. I use slickshooter on my 2handers, and outbound on the beach, but never chopped an OB up. I sometimes pull it in shorter than the color change and a loop to loop would bug me when casting.
  3. Slightly different, but I cut the head off a damaged 40+ and looped it to Airflo non stretch Miracle Braid.
    Very nice casting set-up.
  4. just buy a riomax shooting head instead of paying for a full length line and chopping it.
  5. Well, I already own an OB that I use in the salt off the beaches. Right now I have a skagit set up on my 7wt switch (which is also my beach bombing rod). That being said, both lines share the same reel (Allen Alpha II) and I was thinking it would be easier to just share one running line and switch out heads as I need.
  6. if you want to share the running line, then chop it. it'll work just fine. you can always place a loop in the old running line if you feel like going back to it... or buy another type of running line.
  7. The loops used to bug me so I did a splice to the mono. Now they don't trouble me so much and I use a loop to loop. Depends on what you want the experience to be like. You will get more shoot with the slick shooter.
  8. Probably a bit off point but I just bought a running line from Anil and it is the slickest line I've ever felt. It's a Rio intermediate running line and from what Anil said, it's the "new" running line on the Outbound. Supposed to not tangle nearly as much. It's much slicker than any other running line I have. Slick shooter is good stuff too but I'm always afraid I'll cut my hands on it if I get ahold of a really hot fish, like that's ever going to happen.:cool:
  9. How 'new' is it? I ask this because on my two Outbounds (purchased one last year, and one this year) I find the running line to tangle quite a bit. It is very limp and pliable (stays this way in cold water, which is good) but because of this, I find it tangles a lot and I have to be really aware of how I lay it down when I strip it in. I found with the Slickshooter that it was limp and shot well, but for whatever reason, it did not tangle nearly as much (maybe the mono stops it a bit from folding into itself).
    And Also, I find with large fish that do take, once you've strip-set, as long as you carefully guide the line through the guides with a semi-loose grip and clear your body, the fish is on the reel pretty quick.
  10. According to what he told me, it's "new" for the Outbound. I have four Outbound lines in different weights and they running lines are nothing like this. It's a darker green than previous lines if that helps. I'm sure it tangles some but my first OB tangled all the time. I cured that problem by insuring that I stretch it every time I use it. It still tangles but not like before. I agree about getting the fish on the reel. I am a bleeder and don't like the thought of getting cut by the mono. Frankly, it scares me.
  11. I know what you mean- I cut my finger on my gelspun backing two years ago in Hawai'i on a bonefish pretty early on in the day and had to use tape from one of my friends switch rods as a 'band-aid' over it. Worth it, but sore as the saltwater and constant stripping of line never let it heal properly during that day and it was almost rubbed raw...
  12. sinks so that kind of sucks but otherwise works just fine...I use a decent sized loop (bimini twist) then aqua seal to smooth it out. Keep the connection outside of the rod tip...bigger issue is keeping track of all the outbound heads I have.

    Another shooting line I use is 50 lb P-Line. It mostly floats, but is kind of rough. I use it mostly for my light trout two hander(spey) and light heads that are 300 grains and less....

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