slow hunting for pheasants

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  1. Has anyone had a good hunt on the Res in yakima lately? Ive been out a couple of times since the last snow and its been tough. I seem to be walking in outher peoples tracks.
  2. find a new place.
    Sometimes following someone else pays off.
    If I see a guy and a dog alone walking fast and not stopping to let the dog work, sure bet he's walking by birds. Follow up and make the kill.
    Late season birds are crafty, see ya, hear ya and take off running.
    Better luck next year.
    Maybe the spring won't be so wet and more birds will survive.
  3. Thanks gary.I hope it will be better next year. As far as following people, I havent seen anyone just there tracks. I think my GSP Maggie and I are just A day late and A dollar short. But I still have A few days left. Ill be out there hunting!
  4. Hell, just get out is reward enough. A bird is icing on the cake.
  5. thats rite. A bird is allways A good thing.
  6. Late season pheasant get pretty skiddish but they do have a pattern.
    Pick out a spot with heavy cover, like cattails next to water, that provides the evening roost. Just before daylight if you are looking you will see them fly out to feed. You may get a bird tracking them down. But just about the time you want to take a break and have lunch those same birds are going to be sneaking back into the cover they roosted in the night before for water. That is a good time to push the heavy cover to kick out a bird.

    Look for those funny corners that other hunters have avoided. Maybe they look too small, or maybe too brushy, or just not prime enough to make the effort. They are just out of the way! I hunted one of these funny little corners in late season on public land for many years in the late season and it always kicked out roosters. Everyone walked by it to hunt the corn and the ditch that ran along the field. That worked for a few weeks but then it was a dead end hunt. The funny little corner, well in the early afternoon with its cattails and water was a winning ticket. Another place that always would put out a rooster or two was the edge of a harvested corn field with an irrigation ditch and cattails that the tumbleweed would get hung up in. Nobody in their right mind would hunt that ditch but I would and it always had roosters!! No fun busting through the tangled mess but then the rewards were worth it. Do you see a pattern?
  7. thanks for the tip wet line, im going out tommarow ill give it a try. I know just the spot. the great thing about living in yakima you dont have to drive far to walk a feild.
  8. Another thing about late season birds that have been pressured.

    I use to hunt a field over by Mesa that got quite a bit of pressure. Everyone would pull in and park in the same area and then work southward. I was a bit late one morning to meet up with my hunting pardner and as I was driving down the road at the south end of the field there were maybe a dozen or so birds hot footing it in my direction through the fairly open field. I pulled over behind a clump of brush, grabbed the gun and got a double as they lifted into the air to fly over the farmers road. After picking up my birds I headed up to the parking spot and met up with my pardner. As it turned out I was about 20 minutes or so behind him. Just about the right amount of time for the birds to be alerted and boogie.

    the next day we did this same thing intentionally and quess what. Those birds did the same thing as the morning before and flushed out as soon as a car pulled in and parked.

  9. Got snow, cold weather? Cattails as mentioned above are a great place to look for pheasants. Its really tough work for man and dog but chances are you'll put up a few birds. This late in the season most hunters are lazy and most birds are smart.

    Good luck.
  10. thanks for the tips. I went out yesterday and hunted 2 and a half hours got one pointed bird and missed two long flyers. I saw probubly a dozen birds it was a good day im still beat. You were right thorn bushs and cattails,heavy cover.Im going to rest anouther day and do it again.

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