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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by NukeLDO, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. NukeLDO

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    Based on all the info I've been able to glean from the site, I fished a small dry side lake today with the kayak from 10:30-4 today. Over a dozen rainbows to the net, all on dry flies. Largest at 20", smallest at 14". Nonstop action on the surface all day! After getting skunked on the Yakima on Wed, it was nice to feel some stretch on the line and some bend in the rod!
  2. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    Good for you. Location, pictures? Just kidding on location. DF stuff is to be cherished.
  3. Jim Ficklin

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    WTG . . . beats hob out of pruning Rose bushes in Kennewick (which is what I did). Sounds like a fine day!
  4. IveofIone

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    A few more weeks and I hope to be singin' that tune....I made the drive across the pass today and all the Little Pend Oreille chain of lakes are still frozen over. Even the flatland lake near Colville was still all ice. That's real low elevation to still be frozen. My truck is loaded and gear packed. The first 3 days without a threat of rain I am heading west to what you guys call the 'eastside'.

    Come on weatherman-cut me some slack!

  5. bakerite

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    I saw some open water today on the bass pond by my house at 3500' so the reservoirs will all be open soon! I might try to hit a local pod tomorrow!!
  6. NukeLDO

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    I'll pay my pennance tomorrow. Forgot the sunblock! I'll be the guy with the red face!
  7. NukeLDO

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    Oh, and I'm the guy in the yellow Perception kayak on the stillwaters. If you see me out there, please stop and say hello and swap a fly or two.