small fly on big hook

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by kelvin, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. I have been hooking some really nice trout on the Yak lately right at dusk and have been having trouble getting them in. I also can't always see the fly in the low light and I have been missing strikes.
    I have been fishing a size 14 caddis pattern.

    So I came up with something I could see tied on a size 10 hopper hook.

    It worked

    Anyone else notice the fish seem to be getting larger?
    The one pictured is a small one as of course I left my camera back a the car and used my phone to snap this..
    It is nice to come up with a simple solution

    here fishy.PNG caddis.PNG
  2. Awesome as usual Kelvin.
  3. Great idea! I've tied some 14's with a stinger and a lot of poly yarn for a wing/indicator. It works well but your solution looks easier and faster to tie.
  4. Thanks for posting! This solution may help me to overcome some of my bumblefingeredness.
    Also, the Searun Coastal Cutts out here have big mouths!

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