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  1. you must be young, steady and have good eyes. mike w
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  2. Dai Riki I just picked up some size 24 -#125

    they are not straight shank but I like them better for nymphs

    they are straight eyed with a wide gap and a slight curve to the hook

    I am finding hooks that small are hard to find but they are around if you look or special order them
  3. Good grief! What size tippet material will fit through the eye of a size 24-26 hook?

    At one time, I could manage a size 20 pattern... now a size 16 is the limit as to what I can see to tie. I buy patterns tied on hooks smaller than a size 16.
  4. I have some Orvis sz24 that have bigger eyes to help with getting the leader tied on. I'm not sure if they still make it but I'd investigate there.
  5. yes those are a great choice especially if you are doing bead heads
  6. P1011186.JPG

    the problem isn't tippet it is tying thread while producing them
    these are size 24 -Dai-Riki 125

    the other option is tying small flies on bigger hooks
  7. Love the DR 125 for very small dries and emergers - much bigger gap than a traditional dry hook. For small nymphs, down to a #22, I like the DR 135 scud hook; same advantage in larger gap, a little bit heavier and the TDE makes it easier to hold a bead for beadheads (small ones sometimes slip over the eye of the 125).

  8. I don't know, but my personal experience with small straight shank hooks is that I feel the take and most of the time the hook doesn't bite the fish. I've had better success using bigger short shank hooks for a small fly body and a bigger gape to hook the fish. Once I get below 20, I seldom use a straight shanked hook that is not a short shank. I probably should draw the line at 18. I like the short straight short shank hooks in 20-24 for tricos and they seem ok but the gap is still small.
  9. I saw some size 24's & 26's at our local Sportsmans' Warehouse today. Well, I saw the packages; I can only assume that there were miniscule hooks inside.
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