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  1. I have no problem with the size 2 flies but when I am trying to tie size 6 flies, I seem to have a problem finding spey hackle that is small enough. Even the pheasant rump feathers seem too big. Any suggestions on how I can tie a smaller fly that looks as good as the bigger ones. Some of the rivers, like the DesChutes, have small fish and I am trying to keep the hook size smaller to prevent injuring the fish. Any suggestions for materials would be appreciated......
  2. Have you tried Schlappen?
  3. Coot . The feathers are a beautiful , dark , smoky grey color , that when wet , behave like bep .
  4. schlappen was the first thing came to my mind.

    where to get coot???
  5. I bought a couple of skins a few years ago off ebay from a guy from Oregon . Twenty bucks for two full skins . The guy would`nt ship to Canada , and was a dick about it , so I had them shipped to a buddy in Lynnwood .

    If you like bep , you`ll also like coot for smaller flies .
  6. For less than the cost of a good shotgun to shoot some coot, you could get a half blue eared pheasant skin ($80). Should be some smaller stuff on it. :) Or, you could get mit the schlappen. I saw it in two sizes today and a variety of colors. For smaller flies you could use just the tips of the schlappen. Ya?
  7. Jim,
    When I stopped by Water's West in Port Angeles last week, Dave had some hackles which might be of use to you. Probably small enough for the sizes you are tying. Give him a call, tell him what you are looking for. He may be able to help you. He may be able to get you some coot, too. The only source I could find for coot is THE ESSENTIAL FLY in the UK.
    Jack DSC04526.JPG
  8. Schlappen is a fine, underutilized feather, probably because of its germanic name. But it's just chicken rump feather (probably from those not-really-Foster-Farms imposters). A few years ago, "burnt spey" feathers were popular, in a variety of colors, for about $4/package. Really goose feathers with an acid dip to burn away the "velcro." Just the right size for smaller spey flies. Water-soak before tying. And dyed ringneck feathers are fairly short, inexpensive, and in a variety of dyed colors.
  9. I agree with Jack. The feathers Dave sells work great on the smaller Speys. And they come in every color you could want
  10. Great advise guys! Thanks for the tips....I'll let you know how they work on the DesChutes...
  11. is it worth it to buy a coot skin to tie larger spey flies, 2/0 and 3/0 long shank blind eyes, or Blue Heron size 1 hooks?
  12. No , it`s not worth it . The fibres on a coot feather are much shorter than a typical blue eared feather . They are much better suited to hook size 4 and smaller . I`ll try to get a photo of a coot and bep feathers side by side , and you`ll see an obvious difference .
  13. thanks brian. i was looking at a coot on ebay, just wanted to make sure i was getting what i hoped - i wasnt.
    Pic would be helpful too!
  14. For Eunan ...
    The feather on the left is one of the larger feathers on my coot skin (and not a very good one at that , as it was plucked from the edge of a wing) , while the feather on the right is a slightly larger than average bep feather . The feathers were wrapped on a Daiichi 2091 , size 1 1/2 . Only the fluff from the base of each feather was removed .

    Hope this helps .:)

  15. Many thanks Brian. Might still p pick up the coot for smaller flies. A fly tyer can never never enough hackles!!!!!!

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