Small 'spoons' off the end of a dry line.

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  1. Its been going on for a LONG time, I've read about tiny 3-0 Pflueger colorado spinners on single hand rods & floating line back in the 1940/50's.

    Trout Fishermans Bible by Dan Holland has a chapter on it.

    I'd do it in a heartbeat.

  2. you should see my pink box. Ever since I learned I can throw a dick nite on a fly rod the more assanine using a fly sounds
  3. Soo, for what 3 weeks?

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  4. Yup i have seen the light

    4 pink size 0`s and 3 frog greens
  5. Dick nites catch fish no matter what rod, pole or stick you use.
  6. I do it in real life but not on the internet.
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  7. This thread is a good one. I've fished dick's spoons off a spey without luck. They catch too much air during the cast and I get frustrated by that so usually just tie on a sparse fly cause I know it'll get deeper. Trouble is flies are not nearly as flashy.

    The boys in the UK were fishing spinners and spoons off their spey rods over 100 years ago, nothing new under the sun.

  8. I bet a bunch of flashabou on a heavy wire 1/0 fished on a riffle hitch would get the movement, the depth, and the flash.
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  9. Wo having read this entire thread. I will often follow a run that has several people in it or that I have touched fish but no hook up w a very very small dick knight. It is deadly and I will say with 100% certainty that a very small dick knight will cast easier and farther with a Spey rod than a gear rod. Unless you are fishing an ultralight bluegill gear rod, which you wouldn't be for that type of water.

    It turns a look into a player. Definitely worth having one in the ol fly box. Agreed, not a fly, but whatever.

    Those of us that do it over here refer to it as "dirty swinging".

  10. Agreed, except for the flash...and the wobble. The spoons are all flash and the flash frequency is more consistant and blatant.
  11. I refer to it as "fishing"...and quite often it turns in to "catching"...:)
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  12. Very true. Dick nites fished properly have a very good wobble (that causes flashes) that would be hard to emulate with a fly, and it's that wobble that drives any hungry fish to bite. If you fish a DN with too large a hook or a tangled leader, the flutter is diminished and catch rate goes down exponentially (I've experienced this). Adding a sequin above the fly might work, but otherwise the spoon flutter is an action that a soft-material fly cannot replicate.

  13. If you're fishing with a friend, another good method is to stand on opposite banks with your spey rods and use them to let a net out.
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  14. LOL this can't be real life. Somebody pinch me.
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  15. I don't guess anyone would classify me as a purist. I love to throw spoons off a spey or even a single hander, I've used beads, bait, hardwear, go with gear guides trolling for springers on the columbia, blah blah blah. If you enjoy what you're doing and your clients have a good time then more power to you but I don't think trolling around bait on a spey is any kind of intro to jack shit other than "hey, look at this long ass rod". An intro to a spey rod might involve actually casting it. Why don't you just introduce them to trolling bait with a bait casting reel that has a line counter and show them how to rig all that shit up and tie all the knots and all the complexities of fishing that method. Personally I think swinging flies (or whatever it is you think purists do) is probably less technical than trolling bait. It's actually one of the reasons I enjoy it, I don't need to take a whole a bunch of shit with me to fish. Rod,reel,line,flies.
  16. Never been golfing? Hey, let's go play some wiffle ball with golf clubs. It'll be a great intro to golf.
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  17. Freakin' purist. Get off your high horse and lower yourself down to the rest of us nates.
  18. If you double or triple stack Dick Nites off a spey rod, your success rate will increase immensely......;)
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  19. I'm quite sure you missed my point entirely, Nate.
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  20. I think where someone might say "WTF" is that your guest is learning precisely nothing about fly fishing with a 2 hander. If they recount their story to 99% of long rod fly anglers, they are likely to be told (at least) that they were not fly fishing.

    I'm the last person to tell you can or cannot do anything. :D
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