Small 'spoons' off the end of a dry line.

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  1. Not as odd as you think. Few rivers really lend themselves to flinging the same length of line through the entire run. Fish hold in structure where the current breaks or rises. I've seen videos of casting instructors discussing the concept of "spey casting" versus "spey fishing." I think Pan is describing spey fishing. I'm light years from being an expert, but I'll usually identify the parts of a run I think hold fish and fish only those parts, except perhaps when I am "warming up" at the start of the day.

  2. A third area of expertise.
    1. Trolling bait w/spey rod
    2. Golf
    3. Point missing

  3. you missed;
    4. Trolling fly fishing forums
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  4. It's only effective if you're in a 2013 Pavati Guardian.
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  5. I used to do this all the time in alaska on heavily fished water sink tip thin flutter spoon let it drift near structure or under banks like ta rip your arm off on the strike:eek: really pissed off the purist tourist fly flingers :p smitty
  6. You guys should be nicer to Nate, after all he has "mastered" fly fishing, maybe one day he'll show you how to do the same.
    Is a prawn considered a dropper?
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  7. I like to soak my prawns in floatant and use em as dry flies. Can't be empty handed when the prawn hatch starts.
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  8. Were those purists tossing pegged beads under a float, whoops I mean indicator?:D
  9. Bullcrap! Nobody in ther right mind would give you 5 cents to wipe their ass. You have to be sorriest mother to post on here since Clay Sharp.
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  10. You should read about the literal shit show mount everest has turned into because of guides that pimp out the mountain to anyone with a few grand. The entire route has camps filled with piles of garbage and human excrement. Just because someone wants to climb a mountain doesn't mean they should. Just because you call it fly fishing doesn't make it so.

  11. No. Your analogy is flawed. A more accurate analogy would be someone who knows nothing about fly fishing asking you to teach them to fish with a two hander. And you proceed to rig them up with a spoon and shrimp.

    To fix your analogy, your customer wants to climb Everest. And you take them out to back 40, put them in the climbing gear used to scale Everest and then have them climb the mounds of your neighbors home made BMX track. They reach summit after summit using all the gear people use when actually climbing Everest. Except they are not climbing Everest, but when they asked you (the pro) this is where you took them. And they don't know any better. When they hit REI next week, and tell everyone they climbed Everest in some farmers back pasture, other people stare at them wondering if they are retarded.

    This is the look a neophyte is likely to get when heading into a fly shop or the local club meeting to regale everyone with the story of their "two handed adventures with Nate."

    Do i care if you fish that way? Nope. Slay 'em. It's legal so do your thing. Really. I hope you murder brats and fill coolers.

    Did you teach that person anything vaguely related to fly fishing with a two handed fly rod? Nope. Not even a little. Someone asking about 2 handed fly fishing has seen or heard something about it that piqued their interest. Maybe the tools, maybe the flies, but often the culture (Tweedies, Skagit masters, dredgers, two handned nymphers, all that). And they mistakenly took you for an expert on the subject and asked you to show them how to do it. And you did not. And you took their money, while not servicing their request.

    I cannot overemphasize this. I don't care how you fish. It's not about "snob vs. slob."
  12. You are putting in too much work into this guy. I once watched an honest angler follow Nate Treat around WaLakes just asking that he tell the truth about a blatant lie he had been caught in and thread after thread of just asking for an answer, for the truth, that poor guy was banned.

    Just sayin
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  13. Few rivers/runs that lend themselves to flinging the same length of line? LOL Really?
  14. Don't get joor panties in a knot. Just my opinion. And in that opinion, i think swinging evenly across most rivers fishes a lot of empty water.

  15. Panties in a knot? You are a funny person. Spend time with some ppl who cover the water well and actually catch fish consistently and your opinion will soon change.
  16. Do you handle all differences of opinion like such a tool?

  17. Already do, and that's where my opinion came from. Well, that and I catch fish consistently. :D

    I was going to ramble on (as I normally do) with a long winded retort, but let's just agree to disagree. This is the internet. We should just fight it out on the river.

    Two-handers at dawn!!!

    In the end it's about what you enjoy doing. If I offended you, I apologize.

  18. I was flippin' sh*t, he was just dishing back. It's all good :)
  19. Who the hell are you?

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