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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Nedak, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. looking for a small stream sage or like brand 3wt.

    look in your closet and see what isn't getting enough attention. my sloppy casting will make it a happy camper.

    specs: looking for 8ft or less and 3 or 4 piece for travel.

    older is fine.

    reel to match is a plus.

  2. Take a look at the Redington Tempt or Classic Trout, or of you like the old school feel, their old new rod is the fiberglass Butterstick.
  3. PM sent
  4. Any interest in a Sage XP 8 ft 2 piece 3 wt rod? I would say that it is in good to very good condition, having been fished only about a dozen times. It is currently matched with a Hardy Flyweight reel, which could also be included in the sale. The reel has a GPX DT 3 F line.

    Let me know if you are interested

  5. I like you had been looking for a 3wt for small stream use. Decided I would try the cabelas three forks 7'6'' 3pc. caught it on sale one day,think I paid $30. reviews were mixed but for that price I thought I'd give it a try. If there was a problem I knew I could return it. I over lined it with a 4wt cuz that was all I had at the time but it cast fantastic. Caught several high mtn lake cutties12-14 ". I'll probably only use it a few times a year so it will be fine for me. The only drawback was that it didn't come with a tube so I had to make one but other than that I couldn't be happier.
  6. On impulse I recently purchased a Ross Essence 3 wt, I believe it's an 8'6" rod, for a great deal from Sierra Trading. It's quite similar to another rod I have and I realized I didn't "need" two, so I plan(ned) to return it. It's an incredible rod, particularly for the money. Beautiful aluminum tube, rod sock, lifetime warranty, new, yours for what I paid for it, $100. Retail was something like $229, which as a bargain at that price given what the rod offers. This was Ross' top of the line rod.

    Here's what the manufacturer says about it:

    "The Essence FW fly rod series is a high performance rod that is easily one of the best values on the market today. In blind cast tests, the Essence FW regularly outperforms rods costing as much as $700.00! This 4-piece rod series has a beautiful deep green finish with nicely appointed silver accents. The reel seat is nickel-plated with a hand-turned solid maple insert, making each rod a unique, one of a kind creation. The handles are made from premium grade cork and each rod is shipped in a custom aluminum carrying case. The Essence FW proprietary R3 graphite design is a medium-fast action taper that will provide any level of angler with the accuracy and smooth presentation required in the most challenging fishing conditions. The Essence FW rods are incredibly sensitive when making short casts, but have the power to reach out to far away targets. These are premium fly rods in every way, but without the premium price!
    The Essence FW rod series comes with the following standard features:

    • Ross proprietary R3 graphite design
    • Medium-fast action rod taper, perfect for any casting style
    • 4-piece design - great for travel
    • Smooth casting, sensitive and precise
    • Titanium oxide, super strong guides
    • Rod piece alignment dots
    • Nickel-plated reel seat with solid maple insert (3wt. - 6wt.), anodized aluminum reel seat (7wt. and up)
    • Half wells handle (3wt. - 6wt.), full wells handle with fighting butt (6wt. and up)
    • Aluminum rod case and protective microfiber rod sock
    • Lifetime warranty
    • [​IMG]"

    I plan to return it this weekend, so jump on it if you're interested.
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  7. I have a factory Sage SPL 383-3 in excellent+ shape. 8'3" 3 piece with a nice medium action. If interested PM and I will send pics. I also have several 3wt reels and lines we could discuss to go along with the rod. Please PM if you are interested.
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  8. Nedak, a long time ago I built a little 4-piece rod on a St. Croix blank. It's seven feet long, medium action, for 3/4 lines. Sliding band/wood reel seat, black guides, a handsewn bag and pvc tube that fits neatly in a backpack. Some use, but completely sound. I haven't backpacked much in recent decades, and use other rods when I do. I'm willing to sell it for $70, shipping included. Contact me for purchase or questions.

    -Nooksack Mac
  9. Get a bamboo rod
  10. I suggest OP hold out for a used zxl, either the 376 (3wt) or 280 (2wt, but more like a 3wt), if he can find one.
  11. Hmmm...I have a really nice barely used Winston GVX 3wt 7'9" 5 piece...not sure I want to part with it. But really I don't have much use for it in my quiver....PM me if this rod would be of interest to you. I also have a really sweet Lamson reel that goes with it. Anyway, PM if you are interested. Cheers and tight lines.
  12. Thomas and Thomas LPS 7'5" 2 piece 3wt. custom built by Grand River Rods of Boulder Co. with a Waterworks Purist 1 reel(3 wt. Orvis gen 3 floater) with spare spool(Orvis streamer stripper).Rod and reel in new condition(used but lightly and well taken care of).Realize you said 3 or 4 piece but this rod is extra ordinary.Sweetest set up you will find.I just don't get to use it since moving to Cape Cod. $ 500.00 shipped. (second from the right...more pic's if interested) IMG_7926.JPG IMG_8500.JPG
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  13. SOLD
  14. I have a Sage SLT 376-4, 7' 6", 3wt custom built rod with a Sage 3200 click reel that I will sell for $350. The rod is nicely built and in very good condition, except for dirty cork - good mojo! Includes Sage rod sack and generic cordura covered tube. Reel is in excellent condition and includes WF4F line and backing, along with Sage neoprene pouch.

  15. I've got a 6 piece 8' 3wt Redington CT in excellent condition. This is the older model CT and comes with blank warranty card. I'll do $80 shipped.
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  16. I've got a 6 piece 8' 3wt Redington CT in excellent condition. This is the older model CT and comes with blank warranty card. I'll do $80 shipped

    OP-This is a sweetheart deal.
  17. Thanks for offers. Close thread. Landed on an llbean pocket water outfit. Through some other transactions found llbean warranty to be top notch. Hope I don't have to invoke it but knowing my habits a broken tip is probably in my future.
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