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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Jake Smulkowski, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. I'm looking to build my first rod, and am thinking about a very short very light rod. Here are the blanks I'm considering:

    Rainshadow RX7 4pc 2wt 5'0"
    Dan Craft 3pc 1wt 6'10"

    Any thoughts on either of these blanks? Any other suggestions for a shorter 1wt blank?

  2. Sorry I can't comment on either of these rods, but I have built 4 rods on Dan Craft blanks and I love all of them (3wt Sig III, 3wt Sig V, 4wt Sig V, 6wt FT). Also, Dan is a great guy to chat with, we seem to chat for 30-40 minutes every time I call him.
    I enjoy doing business with someone that is so good to work with.
    For what it is worth....
    Good luck.
  3. I built the same 1wt a couple of years ago. It is definitley one of my favorites. It has no problem casting relatively (size 12 or so) large flies, including weighted nymphs. Great for all the small streams around. Also no problem handling larger fish, so far up to 14". In my limited experience, only 7 rods built so far, I would say that the small diameter of the blank makes for a more frustrating experience when wrapping the guides and ferrules, especially for a first time project. In order to kep it light I went with single foot guides, but put a Struble u-25 reel seat on it, which is slightly too heavy I think; wish I had used a cork/slide band seat. There have also been some nice examples of this rod posted on a few years ago, just do a search. Have fun.

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  4. The DC 1wt seems to have cult like following, but I haven't built on one of those.

    Some other considerations could be taking the new FT-Lites that dan has, and dropping a section or 2. The rods are currently 6 piece 9' rods, but you could drop one section for a nice 7'6" rod, or perhaps 2 and get something closer to the 5 or so range.

    Another option you could also consider is some of the old style fibreglass rods out there. Lami has a decent selection of blanks for light water fishing that are graphite/fibreglass. I think the lineup is called the Applicacian travel series. it's kinda spendy, but when I visited the Lami factory, they seemed to be nice.

    But as a plug for DC, I'd suggest you give him a call. He's cool guy and won't try to screw you on something you don't need :)

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  5. Jake,

    I built a Dan Craft, and live in Pullman, you should come by and look at it. I would recommend a Dan Craft. I built three of his blanks. One of which is a 8' 3 wt. ONe of these days we need to go fishin, instead of talkin about it.

    I got a bunch of stuff too, that is just sittin around, thread, epoxy, brushes, come by and get some of it.


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