Smaller lakes south of Dusty Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Jerry Arlington, May 1, 2006.

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    Do the smaller lakes south of Dusty Lake have trout in them? Do they have large trout in them?

    I talked to some of the BCH that were riding this past weekend and they said they could see fish in the lakes but they weren't very large and couldn't tell what they were.

    I didn't ask how much further it was than Dusty for the parking area.

    So.... does anyone have any experience fishing these smaller lakes and is it worth the extra walk?

    And by the way whom ever posted that the walk in to Dusty was about the same as Nunely has a warped sense of humor! But it was worth the walk, just glad we left when we saw the storm coming in!
  2. chadk Be the guide...

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    Some do, some don't. Best bet if you really are interested is to strap on some hiking boots and check them out. Bring a map and take some notes of what you find. Wear your favorite tick repelant too this time of year.

    You can also check out the stocking reports - but the reports won't help you figure out what lakes survided summer or winter kill, predators, and meat hunters.

    On a side note - if someone posted "hey, xyz lake, that little gem just a 1/4 mile west of Dusty is just packed with 10 lb bows and browns and NOBODY every fishes it!!" Do you really think it would have a fish left after about a week??
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    Like the guy who posted last week about how Beda had just been dosed with triploids. How long do you think those fish are gonna last, especially once the local poachers see the parking lot packed with expensive cars from out of town?

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    Yep, the only thing the local poachers like better than easy trout poaching is easy pickings on yuppie SUVs ;)
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    I fished them years ago, they can be very good on year to year basis depending on stocking and carryover. Parking and trailheads near west end of Evergreen. Lakes I remember are Cliff, Cascade, Crystal, Dot & Spring. It's a good place to explore without much company, not sure if Region 2 office in Ephrata still has maps available but good possibility. Check for ticks, also can be snakey.