Smart guns, how stupid are we...?

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Roper, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Are we now going to ask for "smart knives" after the 33 people massacred with knives today? Again, its not the tool we need to control, its the crazies wielding them,
  2. 29 people, the other 4 were the assailants responsible that were shot by police.
  3. They are looking into it but are having trouble locating his brain because of its small size.
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  4. 2 pages deep and you seem to be the balanced one of the bunch.
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  5. The problem with "time will tell" is that it will be too late.
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  6. Sure you can--it's called "dead". 100% effective, too!!!
  7. Might as well add ladders and step stools to the list... among the top 3 offenders contributing to injuries :rolleyes:.
  8. I'm fine with "old school" when it comes to my fly rods, reels and guns. Come to think of it, just about every damn thing in my life for that matter. Keeping government and technology out of my business and dictating my life is becoming a challenge.
  9. I see Holder wants to "look into" the tech. Let's see the FBI use `em.
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  10. And BATFE (they have a habit of losing guns), DHS, Secret Service, Parks Service, IRS, USFW, USFS, and every police dept in the 50.

    Plus do they plan to retrofit the 300 million guns already in circulation?
  11. I wonder... Did SPD ever recover Kerlikowski's "lost" firearm, speaking of "lost" guns?

  12. I'm sure it was melted into a Peace Brick after it was turned in at the last buy back.

    True story

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  13. After today's news, "smart knives" are next :rolleyes:.
  14. You know, I really love Seattle-the scenery, Pike Place, the whole package...BUT! "Peace bricks"? WTF?? Of course, you can't mail order decent pipe tobacco into Washington, but you can go out and buy a lid of dope, and work on getting really shit-faced whilst strolling down to the park. Like I always say, the only good politician's a dead one.
  15. Jeez, is there enough shit hanging on that gun...? It's gotta weight 9 pounds...
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  16. Without the transport carriage . . .

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