"Smart Keys" and Shuttle services

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  1. As usual today I was thinking of nothing and came upon a rather perplexing conundrum. For those of you that have vehicles with push button start and one of those "smart Keys" how do you lock the vehicle when you leave it for a shuttle?

    Here's the scenario... Let's say I'm floating the Ronde and I launch the boat at Boggan's. I lock it and keep the key one key on my person. Later in the day the shuttle service who has my second key picks up my vehicle and drives it to the take out at Schumaker. Here's the problem, at this point they can either leave the keys in the car giving everyone and anyone access to the vehicle and my belongings or they can take the key back with them for me to pick up later. So I'm presented with the choice of having my vehicle wide open and ready to be stolen in a very remote area. Or driving an extra 2 hours to get the key at Boggan's.

    So anybody out there have any suggestions from personal experience? Do certain manufacturer's "Smart Keys" offer override features that allow them to be locked in the car? Or is this simply a case of too much technology being a bad thing?
  2. Do you have a sunroof? If the weather is decent (not going to rain), you can have them crack the sunroof, or maybe even one of the windows, just barely enough to slip the smartkey through. Once Bill drops off your car, have him lock it from outside, and then slip the key back in through the window or sunroof.

  3. I believe that the Prius "key" (the sensor that automatically unlocks the doors when it is close to the car) has a detachable, regular-looking key that can be used to open and start the car but not to lock or unlock it remotely. Sort of like a valet key I guess. But if your smart key had something similar, you could give the shuttle that "valet key," have them lock it in the car, and then come by with your smart key. Not sure how common that is for other cars, though.

  4. RFID shielding envelope. Just have the shuttle leave it in the envelope and the car won't know the key is there. Never tried it but it should work.

    Something like this:
  5. If you drive a Prius, and have 2 keys, take the battery out of one key and make it your fishing key. Give this key to the shuttle guy. He can open the doors with the valet key inside, and the car will still start if you put the key in the ignition (but none of the smart key features like auto-unlock if the key is near will work). Least thats how i've done it.
  6. I always hate it when I have a perplexing conundrum.
    However it is better than being hung on the horns of a dilemna.
    I will be interested in hearing how you solved the key problem.
  7. My vehicle has "dumb" keys, so I don't know about these RFID keys. Just wondering if locking the doors and then leaving the key inside the fuel filler door would solve the problem? If so you could unlock the vehicle and pop the fuel door and get your extra key. SS
  8. wow, and I thought cars made in the 90s were to complicated :p
  9. My 16 year old truck is looking better every day!

  10. I give the smart key to the shuttle driver, leave a crack in the window and have them throw it in the truck. I have a "dumb" key with me that opens the door then I grab the "smart key". I also have a dumb key taped to the bottom of the truck and hide a spare smart key in the inside of the truck. Oh and by the way, my license number is......

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