FS Smith's Boat Shop 8' Pram $650

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Casey Hodges, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. Greetings. I'm reluctantly selling one of my prams built by Fred Smith on Samish Island. The boat is 8', and is in excelent shape. Comes with oars and anchor system mounting hardwear. I'm keeping the Pocket Pullers for my other pram. I recently purchased a saltwater boat that is taking entirely too much room in my shop, so "cutie pie" has to go. Price is firm, and i am not interested in trades. Please see link below for photos. Thanks.


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  2. Sweet boat
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  3. Casey, what's the width at the widest point on your pram?
  4. Steve... you need this pram :). put on top of the truck , or hang it off the side.?
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  5. wish i needed another watercraft. that's a beautiful boat!
  6. Steve,

    Here you go.

    L 95'
    W 52'
    D 15'

    The boat will be on Lone in an hour.

  7. Smith Prams are works of art, lightweight, stable, warm, and joy to row and fish.
  8. Paul,

    Thank you for steering me in there direction. I really love the boat, but I just don't need two of them. Good luck selling the Grady! Just picked up a CC Sea Sport that i'm getting ready for Blackmouth season.

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  9. Wish I was closer, I'd probably buy the thing.

    Spokane is too far.
  10. Somebody hurry up and buy this so I don't...:)
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  11. Rick, Please buy it so I don't. I'm out of room to put boats. :eek:
  12. How much does it weigh??
  13. Around 50 lbs. Easy for one person to lift alone.
  14. Spokane too far, I'm thinking of driving down from Anchorage! That would be in my garage if I was down there.
  15. I probably need my head examined, but...will you be around this weekend?
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  16. Thank you Roper, I was starting to weaken...
  17. I plan to be on the island all weekend smoking salmon and watching football.

  18. Come over on Sunday and bring a shotgun also!!
  19. I'd like to but I'm on call the entire weekend, a quick over and back is all I can afford...dang it!
  20. Roper for a guy who loves and appreciates the art of wood crafting this Smith pram has your name all over it. There are a lot of high elevation lakes here in eastern Arizona and I am seriously thinking of a pram again. This time I am sure it will be wood.
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