Smith's Boat Shop 8' Pram

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by yellowlab, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Casey Hodges

    Casey Hodges Member

    Awesome boat! I spoke with Ron recently and confirmed that they have a couple month wait on new boats. I love the fact that they take their sweet time building these things. I got lucky and beat the spring rush with my order, which should be done shortly. Super nice guys.

    Jeff, I keep looking for you on Lone. Had the lake nearly to my self last night. Except for some d-bag ripping around in a North River.
  2. Jeff Dodd

    Jeff Dodd Active Member

    Congraduations on the Smith Pram order, I"m enjoying mine.

    Would love to have been fishing last night - nice evening w/ a little breeze. I was off to the school to drop eggs off a step ladder. 3 nights a week at baseball for a while longer, then back to evenings on Lone.

    Just fyi - Saturday at Lone will be BUSY. 3 fly clubs converging on the same day... Lots of Whidbey guys, along with Seattle and Port Angeles. Should be a fun parking lot :) I'll be in E-bur for the day.
  3. yellowlab

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  4. Casey Hodges

    Casey Hodges Member

    Yellowlab- Would you change anything from your first boat? I opted to have the bottom glassed, bow eye, etc. I plan to do the varnish work on my own.

    Jeff- Thursday was my first time using a fishfinder from my pontoon. It really helps to locate the fish. Can you believe the bloom on Lone?
  5. yellowlab

    yellowlab Active Member

    Have them put the supports in for the seat mod, you'll need a stable platform to mount a seat. That standard bench won't last long for the long days on the water. I also added the bow eye, and did the spar varnish on my own. You'll want to set up a good anchor system. Thomas with the extension arms are the best IMO. but will require the use of Fish on receiver mounts for the extension arms as the foundation. Buy the oars that Fred offers, you won't find a better deal. I saw the same at Auburn sports for $36 a piece, not including the oar locks. Think he sells them at his cost $75.

    Also consider to use an outdoor floot mat for your flooring material otherwise the antislip coating will chew up your fly lines. I do want to mount a rollerblade wheel on the bow keel to help manuever the pram easily in and out of the truck. =) That might be sacriligeous, but hey it works...

  6. Jeff Dodd

    Jeff Dodd Active Member

    Casey, the bloom is thick but it does not seem to impact the fishing. Look forward to it clearing soon. Would not be suprised if yesterday's wind blew all the water out of the lake ha! Wind was coming out of the west, or over the heavily wooded hillside and down across the lake toward Bayview Rd. Don't think I've seen this in the 12 years I've lived at this location.

    Post pictures when you take possesion of the Smith Boat.

  7. Casey Hodges

    Casey Hodges Member

    Yellowlab- Thanks for the advise. I went with the pocket pullers and the Smith oars. I am planning to wait on modding the seat until I have used the boat. I can always add supports later on my own. Is the traction sand added by the builder? I would choose to add a very small amount to the final spar coat.

    Jeff- Crazy wind last night. Good thing the power only went out for a few minutes. See you out there!
  8. yellowlab

    yellowlab Active Member

    Consider the extension arms, otherwise your anchors will hit the boat. The sand is added after the interior epoxy and you can spar varnish over it.
  9. Casey Hodges

    Casey Hodges Member

    Thanks again. I guess the sand is just finely ground sawdust and can be sanded out if it's too abrasive. I'm planning to stop by Smith's later this week and visit with Fred and Ron. The boat should be done soon.
  10. yellowlab

    yellowlab Active Member

    Get a rubber doormat and put it down, helps your flyflines and keeps you from slipping. You could almost nix the sawdust if you wanted. I find the carpeted doormat to be a nice platform to also rest my reel seats as to not scratch them.
  11. Dick Warnke

    Dick Warnke was Pram-Man

    I got some indoor outdoor carpet and cut a piece for the bow half and the stern half. Works great.