NFR Smoke from fires

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dave Evans, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Holy cow
    That's some smoke
    The forest management plan ( thin/leave ) seems to be in the news more than less - for a lot of reasons. Some see this as their evidence.
    That's some smoke!!
  2. Thanks for posting that link, Dave. Was on the Bitteroot three weeks ago and the smoke was thick. Missoula was really socked in.

    Steve V.
  3. That really shows how the cooling at night results in smoke hanging low in the river valleys during the mornings. On a recent trip to that area of Idaho, I was showered with ash during the morning, but as the day warmed the river valley cleared out and the air became much better.
  4. This was taken by a friend a mine a couple of weeks when we were out fishing for steelhead on the Clearwater. It was bad for a while. DSCN1058.jpg
  5. Here's a pic of that morning on a trib of the Clearwater. I'm looking straight up at the sun at about 10:30 am.

  6. Smoked steelhead is deeeelish!
  7. I've put up with smoke for almost two months. The last couple of days have been clear. But the mountains around Dillon have this funny white stuff on them. I know it isn't ash and it has been as cold as hell the last couple of days. At the Dillon airfield it was 18 this morning. It set a record for the coldest October 4 since they started keeping records.

    Just the other day we had temps in the mid 70's. Quite swing.
  8. I went to Boise about the begining of august to visit my brother and the smoke was bad the fires at the time really limited us to fishing within the city

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