Smolts, Alevins, and Fry

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jack Devlin, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Those bottom 3 look really good. They all look good, but I like the egg sacks on those. How did you make them?
  2. Here is a quickly done SBS. Not really set-up for SBS.
    I make a yarn loop (your choice color, size) and fill with ball of UVepoxy. Cure, add some color with marker pen (your choice color) and finish the fly.
    These flies work well. One of my go-tos for Rainbows, Dollies in Alaska.
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  3. Double like
  4. Is the epoxy egg sack heavy enough to make the fly ride right side up? With the bead chain eyes on top it seems as though it would want to flip over. Nice looking flies, by the way.
  5. Hi Chris,
    I tie them both ways. I have always wondered if it really matters. These are small flies - size 6, 4 - we fish them on the bottom with short twitches. They get tossed around. Its not like they are getting stripped like a clouser. I think they often get taken as a single egg by foraging Rainbows. The Dollies like 'em a lot..
    One of these days, I'll fill up the bathtub and see what they look like.:)
  6. Or you could also tie the whole thing upside down so that the hook gap isnt affected. Or maybe that keeps it from getting hung up onthe bottom. Either way they look awesome
  7. Don't over think fishing flies too much. The fish don't.:D
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  8. Then what do you expect me to do , sleep? ha! There's a reason most of my new posts are after midnight and its called insomnia.
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