Snagging Chums at Curley Creek

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Les Johnson, Oct 31, 2007.

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    I think Mark's on to something here. Let's get a bunch of fly guys down there and push those bozos off the creek. Nothing like a back cast zooming by your ear to put you off a spot. Nothing scare criminals more than a spotlight.
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    Stopped by today to take a look from the bridge (didn't fish) and saw that the snagfest is in full swing. Complete with spotters on the bridge that point out the incoming schools so that the South Kitsap Snag-Team can time their casts and aim their snag-strokes with greater accuracy. This was on an incoming and high-ish tide. At low tide I assume that the spotters are unnecessary.

    Made the call to fish and wildlife, but they got the message too late to respond that day. When the F&W officer responded later, he indicated that if you can't speak to someone in person, you should call 911 and ask to speak with a F&W officer or have them convey your message to them, since they can contact them directly.

    If you live in the area, I encourage you to swing by with your cell phone. I doubt anything short of having a F&W officer stationed there full time will do much to diminish the fish mortality - but I like the idea of the Snag-Team looking over their shoulders and wondering if anyone on the bridge is going to call them in.

    Cross-post for the keeping fish thread - stomping on a fish's head multiple times on a sandy beach isn't a particularly fast or effective way to dispatch the said fish.
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    theres people there fishing with headlamps as I write this. it sucks
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    I was in P.O. yesterday, went and looked at Curly myself. So I'm watching people from the bridge. These to guys walked up with a big, bright, yellow, reinforced case. So one dude opens it up and starts plugging cables into a monitor. His partner then starts lowering a remote camera (from the bridge) down into water below! I started laughing- I couldn't help it. One of the weirdest events I've seen yet?! I did ponder a minute on where they got the set up. Yea it's lame down there, but I try not to let it get to me. If I did I don't think I'd fish anymore, which I'm heading off to do right now...
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    I have a suggestion: And you guys can tell me if its a good idea.

    Most of us have cell phones on us or near us when we fish, however, far too often, we dont pick up the phone to call WDFW, probably to avoid confrontation with the poor sportsman (be it gear or fly anglers) With texting gaining huge popularity, why doesn't WDFW have a text number that we can utilize to report people "under the radar"

    The snaggers in this case would have no clue who you are texting, heck you could even picture message a violator to WDFW.

    perhaps we can use technology to our advantage here????
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    Good for you Les for reporting. More guys have to report poaching. If you see poaching keep reporting it. Don't come on WFF and whine about it
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    You sure they were fishing?? Me and my buddys go down there and get everyones buzzbombs that they lose and sell them back to them.
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    I was just about to say that it's great to hear your out and about Les..then I went back and checked the date on this post...2007...

    Wow, where did this one get dredged up from?

    Kind of bummed me out as I was really hoping Les was up and running again...
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    Yeah, me too, didn't notice until I got clear to the last post....yours!:beathead:

    And likewise am hoping that Les is mo'betta....:thumb:

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    True enough. Consider yourself lucky that you were not at the Skokomish stepping in human excrement. It is sad scene these days at local fisheries.
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    Hey Copper -

    Last year we got a new guy who lives in Longbranch. I don't have his cell number with me, but if you call F&G they may give it to you. When ever I've called he has been right there.
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    Sorry guys, look at the post dates. Unfortunately Les is still in a recovery facility in Redmond. I visited him Friday and, while he is making some progress, he's still got a long way to go.