Snapped my Lamiglas 7/8 on the butt section

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by bigheadr, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. bigheadr

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    I accidently snagged on the dorsal fin of a huge native steelhead with a egg-sucking leech fly on the North Fork of the Stilly. It took about 10 minutes to land it but when I finally landed it, my Lamiglas 7/8 3-piece Perigee rod that I built earlier this year just snapped on the butt section. Thank goodness, a guy who was watching from above, help me with the fish. We released it but my day was over. It was funny that my first steelhead that I ever landed was snagged accidently.

    I was bummed out since the snap was at the tip of the butt section and now, I may have to pay for a new handle kit, stripping guide and hookkeeper after I get the butt blank from Lamiglas. I wonder if anyone else has dealt with Lamiglas Repair department before. They haven't returned my phone calls so I sent them the damaged butt section today. Hope that I get a replacement from them soon.
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    Several years ago I had a Lamiglas spinning rod replaced through Outdoor Emporium. It was painless, and took about 2 weeks if I remember.