Snohomish River sloughs

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Keep It Simple, May 20, 2005.

  1. Keep It Simple

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    Anybody have and idea how many SRCs hang in the actual lower Snohomish River sloughs this time of year and early summer? Anybody fishing for them in the sloughs like Ebey right now? How far up do they tend to wander in your opinion? Which tides are you favorite? What are they feeding on in the sloughs? Is any of the good ol Marysville SRC cult (Burger Mill) on this board?
  2. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Well right now the river is closed for everything except Sturgeon. But it opens up in a few weeks(12 Days).

    Many years ago when I used to fish for them with nightcrawlers we used to clean up on them in both Ebby and Steamboat Sloughs. I have not tried for them with flies. But this is something that I heard was done to fish for them with flies. When the tide is right(high) there was a few who fished the grasses off the side of the roads but only with the high tide. And low tide they are dry.. But if one had a boat you could get back in some of the Sloughs and do all right.

    But try Pilchuck CREEK when it opens up,or Jim Creek. Or any water after the 1st of June. Also the main Stilly if it is clear.

  3. Scott Behn

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    Heh Jim I'm counting the days till I can get my arse up to the creek...I never catch anything big, but just love the small water. This year I'm introducing my oldest boy (8 yrs.) to the passion of the fly. He is ready!!!!!

  4. hedburner

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    Isn't it open all year below the old 99 bridges? I grew up in Everett and pretty much caught cutts just about all year round down in the sloughs. Should be some around somewhere. Try to find little inlet sloughs that drain the marshy stuff or whats left of it. Fish the mouths of em' on a incoming tide, and the outgoing tide. There's something like that by the RR bridge on Steamboat slough and one under the RR bridge on Ebey slough. Look for logs and pilings that break the current flow and fish those like you would fish in a small creek or river. Cast pararall to shore and retrieve back towards you against the current. Boat would be nice but not absolutely necessary, we use to do good just walking the bank anyway. Wear old clothes and shoes cause it will get muddy in places waders will just get in the way anyway.
  5. Old Man

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    Year around below the RR bridges. But down that far you would be better off in a boat or some kind of floating craft. Everything opens back up on the first of June. Just a little more time and we can hit the rivers full time.

    And Scott anytime you want to hit that little creek just let me know and we'll have a go at it. I've been fishing that little creek for over 40 years now. There's a few good fish in there if you know where to look.


    P/S I've been fishing the local streams around the Everett area for over 40 years. I guess that makes me an old timer
  6. Mingo

    Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

    On a "nearby-spot-therefore-related" note, a fishing bud just told me that Tulalip Bay is now 100% closed to ALL fishing until further notice? I haven't hit it for cutts in a few years but was planning to this week.............if that is true I wonder why the that's a bummer. :(
  7. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    Jim, since I'll be living close to the this area now, I wonder if I could get my 14ft alum boat into to sloughs safely? Do you need a gas motor, or could a guy row or use an electric motor and be ok? If anyone knows the area and wants to join me in my boat this summer (Pinks and\or SRCs) I'd love to hook up.
  8. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Well they are in the process of building a new park in Marysville with a cement boat launch on Ebey Slough. Right to the left as you come into town on old 99. And as for launching on the Snohomish river you have Langus Park or the Launch in Everett.

    Give me a holler when you go and I will turn you on to a few places close to Everett that I found just by walking around.

    If you were going with the tides you could get by with an electric but a kicker motor would be better, I wouldn't want to try to beat the tides plus the river at the same time as it gets to moving pretty good some of the time.

  9. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    Yeah, I was thinking about heading upstream with the tide, and heading back down with it and the current. Not sure how realistic that is though...

    Are those lower areas around Everett crawling with gear fisherman and plunkers during the pink runs?
  10. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Yeah, but there is ways to get away from them. And that is with a boat.

  11. Ken Hunter

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    So if you use to clean up on them with garden hackle, why stop fishing where you know where the fish are?

    Fishing for cutts in this type of estuary maybe the best place to fish. My business partner fished the lower Skagit big time in his younger years. It was not what he used that is important, it was that the estuary and lower river was full of cutts, etc. He feels bad today about what a pig he was. A lot of us caught too many back then.

    The snohomish estuary not only has cutts. Steelhead are also in the mix. Steve Raymond talks about fishing for them in the esturary. Why not the Snohomish?

    Just outside the mouth is Priest Point and Mission Bar. Those places are long time holders of cutts, salmon, and probably steelhead too.

    Are we all missing a chance to catch a lot of fish this close to home?
  12. Willie Bodger

    Willie Bodger Still, nothing clever to say...

    I don't think we're so much missign an opportunity as preserving an opportunity. If the fish pass by Priest Point and Mission Bar, I would fish there before I took the estuary route just because they generally get fished a littl too hard as it is.

  13. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Well it was a few years ago and then there was a few saw mills on the Slough. We used to fish off the log rafts. Good places to fish as they got you out on the river. No more log rafts to fish off anymore.

  14. Keep It Simple

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    Sounds like fishing the lowere Snohomish sloughs is not a very popular SCR option. The new boat launch looks pretty poorly designed as you have to dodge exsisting docks and the bridge support stucture. Apparently the city is still trying to get state funds to replace the bridge. I'm afraid the the jet skiers will keep increasing more and more in the sloughs too, nothing more frustrating than having them buzz you during some good action. Anybody in favor of passing a law banning them during mornings and evenings?
  15. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    Here is an option on these river sloughs. All those sloughs around Ebby Island with controling devices to the river do have fish in them. Apparently when the devices are open fish swim in them as there is no grate there to keep them out. I have seen risers in them but I have never stopped to fish them. There a a couple just under the bridge(trestle) from Everett to Lake stevens..

    But this is just a hint to keep you off my skinny waters :rofl: :rofl: ;)