Snohomish River

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    Is there any good bank fishing acess on this river without driving out to Monroe from Everett. I have tried it in several places near and around Everett but no luck so far..not ready to give up on the Snohomish yet.
  2. Old Man

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    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Well if you are famillar with the area you have the Lowell River road on one side from Everett to Snohomish and on the other side you also have a road. But I don't know the name of it. My map don't say what it is. You also have Langus river front park with all it's trails along side the river. There is that park just coming out of Everett on the Lowell River road and then you have that access along the dyke just West of town(Snohomish) along the same road.

    There's lots of bank access there is just no access to wade. The river is just to deep.

    I don't think that I'm giving away any secret spots as most all of the people in this area know about them.

  3. Cutthroat_Fight

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    Thanks Old Man..Hope that rib heals soon.