snook flies

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by flyrod2, Aug 12, 2007.

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    I am planning a Yucatan trip and do not have any snook flies. Any suggestions on patterns?
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    Patterns aren't as important as casting... practice casting into a 5 gallon bucket on its side, with a card table about 3 feet in front of it:eek: I'm not kidding. No really. Do this for 20 minutes a day. every day, before you go. Seriously. Every day.

    As to patterns lots of stuff works but you need to think in terms of "weedless". If things aren't too bad bendback flies are great and sooooooooo simple to tie. If they are bad you need twin wire weed guards. If they are REALLY bad that cannon device Roland Martin sells on the Tellyvision would come in handy. I would bring the usual suspects. white. White and red. Cockroach. Chartreuse and white. all yellow. Simple flies like Bendbacks and streamers like seaducers (one of my favorite slack water flies) and deceivers with twin wire guards, and poppers with wire guards.