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Discussion in 'Events' started by chadk, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. Awesome Chris!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :beer2:

    Dave - thanks for taking charge. I have a medium sized ice chest that will be available. We'll have a better head count by the end of the week. Right now I can see as few as 10 or as many as 30 showing up.... (but with cool prizes like Chris posted, we may draw a big crowd...)

    Since you are the 'facilities' guy, I just wanted to note that this is strictly a backyard event. The house is listed 'for sale' and will not be available - even to get out of the rain. The dowstairs bathroom WILL be available though - so don't worry about that :)
  2. Come on Chad. I think you're blowing a really good opportunity to open your house to potential buyers. You need to look past the fact that we'll all likely be wearing muddy wading boots and show us how comfortable it feels to walk on your light color carpets. :p
  3. Chad I will cancell the Porta Potty delivery seeing we can use the bathroom LOL!

    As I kind of recall you have some fairly large tress in the backyard so if need be I could rig up a big tarp in case of rain.

  4. Flies

    Boy,that last big fly box made me want to drool. Lots of dries that I always seem to use and lose. And the small ones aren't to bad either. Besides I don't need a net as I never catch anything. :beathead:


    <Chris Scoones> Sorry Jim but the flies are not included. It's just the stock photo of the product which displays it full, obviously. <Chris Scoones>
  5. Dave, I agree, no need to cancel in the event of rain. May keep some guys away, but I'm always up for some good BBQ (or bad BBQ for that matter). Tarps will work, and I also have some extra if needed.

    Chris - the muddy felt soles are bad, but the studded boots on my hardwoods would not be good at all - don't ask how I know... You may be on to something though. I'll call my agent and see if she can hang out with us and hand out some flyers :)
  6. Chad those studded boots add antiquing to your hardwood floors! At least that is what I told my former wife! :rofl:

  7. Chad,

    I'll help Dave and Flybill as well as Desmond with the cooking. I have been known to cook a little BBQ.

  8. Bart, thanks for the help in advance. Bill and I plan on being at Chad's at 11.

    We need 1 more BBQ guys and gals, unless you like waiting in line.

  9. Dave,

    Glad to help. I'll see you there, if we ever figure out where there is.

  10. LOL. Don't worry Bart. I'll send directions this week. It really couldn't be much easier to find my place... I just don't want to post my address on the board for all to see (including lurkers...). I'll be working with Chris to send a PM to all who have signed up....

    Thanks for volunteering to help!
  11. Dave and I chatted a bit last night, and the current plan is:

    I will get one of our trucks and two awnings and deliver to Chad's place Sat morning. I will then park the truck in a central location for every one to deposit the trash they pick up. Please bring your own garbage bags.

    Dave will dismantle and take the awnings back with him at the end of the night and we will get together later to make the swap.

    Chad, pick a spot you think will be central for everyone, as you know the area better than I.

    And please, everyone bring your own trash bag. After it's in the truck, I got it handled.
  12. Sounds like a good plan.

    As for where to park the truck - we'll decide that as a group during the event. I have a bad feeling the rivers won't be in shape, and we may need to go to plan b...

    Dave or Ross - I have some goodies that have been donated for our drawing that need to be picked up down in your neck of the woods. Would either of you have a chance to stop by and pick them up today or tomorrow? Email me for details...
  13. Ok

    You can add my trashy name to the list as well as Bhudda (I think) and Backyard and Crump.

    MAC the: :We're steppin up and will be talking some serious Trash!!!!!

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