Snoqualmie river day

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  1. Had a couple of hours to kill so went up to the snoqualmie to get away from all the crowds anywhere else. Started out in fall city and hooked up into a salmon which turned out to be a nice sockeye! My first sockeye ever and first salmon out of the qualmie. After a few more casts I decided to move up past the falls to the south fork and found myself a nice stretch of water. Took a few drifts through a nice run and saw a fish feeding. Put on a size 16 royal wulff and drifted it two times before hooking up with a chunky 16"+ trout which put a nice bend in the 3wt. Biggest fish I've ever come across in the forks by far and the only fish I pulled up out the south fork for the rest of the day. Sorry about the bad photo!

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  2. Nice fish man! Looks clipped? Weird
  3. Brute of a fish for the forks

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  4. Killer cutthroat! That thing is bad-ass. But a sockeye? Are you absolutely sure? If so, wow, you really had a banner day. There are a few, but it is much more likely you hooked a pink salmon, which also has a hump kind of like a sockeye.
  5. The Snoqualmie above Fall City is low and warm, and there are unmarked redds with spawning pairs. As well, the hazard normally marked by the residents and KC Sheriff is much worse, a tree has fallen from the left bank across the pool. It's 95% blocked.
  6. It was definitely a colored up female sockeye. All red with a green head
  7. Nice.

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