Snow pack data points to better than expected

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Lex Story, Apr 6, 2013.

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    One thing to note about the chart above. Snow Water equivalent peak in March is not reflective of snow fall peak depth. Water equivalent is effected by settling/compaction and melting due ground tempature rise. They measure this by weight of a give volume of snow.
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    Your right on that.

    I guess what I meant to say was that the discussion is focused on the models rather than field data and observations.

    I have been reading lots of interesting stuff on climate change over the past several millenium. All that change was before the industrial revolution. The last hundred years might be unusual in having a stable climate.

    I have read that current climate change will "move" ecosystems 300 miles north in a hundred years and raise havoc with native species and vegetation. Well, the change in grassland,desert, and forest ecosystems from 1900 to today is MUCH MORE SIGNIFICANT than 300 miles. We survived that as a society and thrived through that ecosystem change.

    Now it is not change that I wanted to see as a professional Forester, however, the big change ecosystem change in north America already happened. Climate change predictions are minor compared to the past hundred years.

    As to models....I built and ran timber growth and yield models early in my career for both private and public timber supplies. I remember the environmental community calling the models "hocus, pocus" etc.

    Now a timber growth and yield model is pretty simple and straight forward and is actually based on real field data. Those same folks are using climate change models as gospel. Talk about hocus, pocus!!

    Climate change models are a thousand more times in magnitude in complexity and very hard to find verification over short time frames like a couple of decades.

    It does appear the climate change is occurring, but it has been occurring for thousands of years. We might or might not be responsible for it.

    The public focus is about "religion" and "values" of climate change rather than science. Which is why the media is focused on coal fired generating plants while ignoring jet contrails. I suspect the elites in this country do not want to give up their jet set lifestyle. Saving the planet has limits you know.
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    All I can say is, there's a ton of snow around the Enchantments right now, and more last night.

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