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  1. I thought that I would reserect this thread as I got some pictures that I wanted to add. When it was cold here. It has since warmed up and all that white shit is turning to slush. We don't get rain here in the winter time so it has to evaporate, and it is doing an all right job today.


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  2. Those are some pretty extreme icicles, Jim. Wouldn't want to be standing under those! :eek:
  3. No kidding, those are some pretty serious death spikes! Don't get under those suckers.
  4. They are gone. Our heat wave, 42 degrees knocked them down. And with all the snow off that roof I doubt if anymore will form.

    Besides they were on the house next to where I live. That is a duplex and half of it is empty.

    Just wanted to show how things grow when it gets cold here.

  5. So I just got back from a 2,000+ mile X-mas road trip from Bozeman, to Missoula, Walla Walla, to Prineville, to Moses Lake, to Withrop, to Kellogg, back to Bozeman. Walla Walla hands down had the most snow. Parked cars were competely buried from just snow fall(not snow plows, apparently Walla Walla doesn't have snow plows from the looks of their streets).
  6. Ah yes, icicles: The perfect murder weapon. We had some impressive icicles before it warmed up here, too. Maybe not a Montana icicle, but impressive for over here on the "coast".

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  7. Still snowing, and the snow is sticking around ;;;
  8. I heard on the news that Spokane area got 61" of snow in December. Now that is one hell of a lot of snow fall. And according to the Weather Page it is still snowing there.

    Just one question. Do youse guys in Spokane like this shit??????????????????????????
  9. I love to ski and the thought of all of this mountain snow feeding my home river this summer is great, but I have to admit that shoveling snow off of my wood pile and chopping ice dams off of the eves of my house all day today, got me to thinking that I can see a day when I'm going to be glad it's gone... I generally tend to enjoy what ever the seasons throw at me... but 61" of snow??? It's a lot of work staying shoveled out and keeping moving parts moving. Good times.
  10. [​IMG]

    and repairing chimney struts after a roof avalanche ...

  11. Freaking good times there. Hope all ended up well. Were you dragging roof bombs down on that young lad with the shovel...that is just mean! I'm glad I live in a dome, the roof takes care of itself occasionally dumping excess snow into three neat piles each 120 degrees around the circle. One of those piles is near a side entrance to the garage, but that is a minor inconvenience compared to having to ladder up and shovel/drag off the snow.
  12. Generally the metal roof on the house sheds well because our temps are marginal; this year they stayed in the teens to 20s and with 12 inches of insulation in the roof the snow built up to about 2 ft before it slid; that shed/woodshed/barbecue buidling was built before I bought the land and evidently it didn't snow that much in the olden days:) I'm pretty careful with the little guy (note he was standing under the roof that had been cleared), his Mom is pretty tough (my stepdaughter) and she wouldn't tolerate any stupidity (adventure is alright, tho).
  13. I bet he would like "catching" shovel fulls of snow as you chuck it off the roof. His mom might not, but he would think it was a blast.
  14. 11 inches last night; I haven't kept close track (been shoveling) but we've had more than 90 inches of snowfall here in the last 2.5 weeks ... hired a young buck today to help with the shoveling ... oh, to be 19 again!

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