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  1. Well I woke up to about two inches of snow this morning. :thumb::thumb: And it's still coming down. Temps about 32 degrees. But the roads are all clear. :thumb:

    And to think that I was thinking of going out to the Beaverhead this morning. Fat chance of that. Since I've been retired I don't need much of an excuse to stay home anymore. bawling:

    Man I love this weather. But we do need the moisture. :beathead::beathead: It sure will help with all that is burning here in this state. Quite a few forest fires here.

  2. Sweet snow in September! It's been pretty chilly here in Western Wa too, heard there was some snow in the mountains yesterday.
  3. do you need a tissue?
  4. olympics at 6,000 and up are white. 36 on my weather station when i got up this am.
  5. No, I'm still running around in shorts and a light summer shirt. Got to love the weather in Montana. If it isn't to your liking, just wait about 5 minutes and it will change. But iot has been snowing since I got up this morning, about 0700.
  6. Love the look of the Olys glowing of fresh snow. Take in that wonderful view, recharges me in an instant and I can look forward to a great day. My whole family loves summer, me the least though, I'm ready for a fun filled fall and winter.
  7. I've loved fall and winter too, although in our later years my wife and I like to duck into the tropics or desert for a break. Nice view of Rainier at home churns up those old feelings when I was ski mountaineering... Shoosh & fly, Do or die!
  8. I love it. been waiting a long time for this type of weather. Of course my daughter is home sick from school today. what I would do to huck streamers right now.

    Want to babysit Jim? I know how much you love kids :clown:
  9. I have you beat Jim. 4 inches early last week at my house outside of Denver early last week. Then in the 80's this past weekend. Gotta love mountain weather!
  10. Lots of trees downed and power outages in the Dillon area. Had a nice shade tree along side of the house. Now it's going to be fire wood.
  11. On my into Snoqualmie this morning I had a view of the Cascades and they also had snow on them. I'm assuming the drop in temps will shut the forks off from here on out...
  12. Jim,

    Snow at the end of September in southwest Montana, no biggie. You must be getting weak.

    You haven't lived until you get snowed on when fishing the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Madison, etc. in August, or had minus zero temps in mid-October throughout southwest, central, and most of eastern Montana. During the 12 years I lived in Montana, I experienced all of these multiple times in southwest and central Montana.
  13. in my 7 years here, I have never seen snow in the valley in August. or below zero temps in October. you must of lived here in the old days when it snow 5 feet and you walked to school 5 miles, up hill boths ways
  14. That damn snow. I had to spend all morning playing lumberjack. The weight of the snow and the trees with leaves don't mix. There was a nice shade tree along side of the house. Now it is minus three big branches and this is no fun for an old man. I had to cut them up and pile them up behind the house and the next thing I have to do is take them to the dump.

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I hate snow.
  15. Wed. morning just west of Sauk Mountain at 4000 ft.
  16. ReelFlyBro,

    I was well out of high school and had finished a degree from Penn State before I moved to Montana at age 25 in 1979. Lived there until 1991 when I saw the light and moved to northwest WA where the temps don't get so cold in winter and the rain makes for much better fishing than snow and frozen rivers. I lived in Great Falls, Cascade, Billings, Hot Springs, and Boulder. The only month I was never snowed on in the valleys was July. Heck the last year I lived there (1991), I was living in Boulder and it snowed 12" the 2nd week June. Granted the temp was 80 degrees 3 days later, but it sure wasn't 80 degrees when the foot of snow stuck to the ground.

    I also very vividly recall fishing the upper Madison the 3rd week of August in 1981. I was tent camping and woke up to 4" of snow on the ground and it was still snowing. And on Labor Day in 1984, I was fishing at the mouth of Beaver Creek on the Missouri when it started snowing and by 10 that night it was below zero where I lived in Cascade. Again, granted, it warmed up to the mid-70's a few days later. But when it starts to snow at around 3800' elevation in the afternoon when the morning temp was about 60 when I left the house, and by 10 that night it is below zero, that is darn cold.

    To be fair, I've also seen the temp in Montana stay in the 50's and 60's until after Christmas, and then it would drop below zero. Heck, I recall many old timer saying there were 2 seasons in Montana, 9 months of winter and 3 months of summer.
  17. It didn't stop freezing until the fist of June this year and then snow in September. Well summer was only three months long and now we are back in Winter.

    But fishing in Montana in the winter time is good because it isn't raining all the time. I have fished in Washington for many years and fishing in the winter time is mostly a hit and miss thing. If it rains the rivers go out and then you have to wait for them to come down. But if you get alot of rain they don't come down for weeks on end. Here it is cold, no rain but some snow. And the rivers don't get blown out every time it sprinkles. But in the middle of winter most rivers are bank to bank ice. But a few are open. Had a good time on the Beaverhead last year.

  18. Go across the street to Grandma's, get ya a nice tall, hot cup a jo and hire a local yute to do the clean-up:thumb:
  19. My wife works there. I only go there every once in a while. Food ain't that great.
  20. Whatdayamean "food ain't that great".... you have a full line of FritoLay, SlimJim and Nally products to choose from. Of course, if you don't like those options, a right turn to TB or a left towards the sprawing metropolis of Whitehall offers an array of choices for the palate:D Give the yute a couple extra bucks to throw the chains on before you go...

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