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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. It almost hit 60 here yesterday. Mid-afternoon felt just like summer. Was still 50 at sunset.
    Dangit! I was thinking of getting some water barrels and collect rainwater for summer gardening, but I may be too late already.

    Just look at the weather forecast for the seven days starting this friday. Wow!
  2. New flash. the east coast is burried as snomogedon advances and drops 10 inches of snow. Gridlock across 10 states.

    In other News,,, it snows in Alaska,,,, they called it Friday.
  3. NFR... hell, not even noteworthy... you live in frigging MT for hell sakes :D
  4. Nice - where do you ski up there Alyeska? I'm coming up in mid September to explore and do some fishing.
  5. Wow that's cold. To top it off the fishing sucks there too !!! Sucks to be you !!!!
  6. nope, I ski in the mountains, go to Anchorage look any direction, that's where I go...


    sometimes adjacent to Alyeska

    sometimes I ski on rivers and it looks like this when I need to pee in the middle of the night

    But Alyeska cost $65/day which is too much

  7. Most of Alaska gets less snow than you think.
  8. Nice pics thanks - Which Armadas are those? I ski the JJ's. I'm more of a side country skier.
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  10. Yeah JJs of course that's not me, I'm behind the lens
  11. Haha, somebody must not have had a chance to go there yet!
  12. JJ's are magic sticks. I love those skis :D
  13. Fixed it for you.
  14. good, the fishing sucks, everyone should stay in washington.
  15. Go for it-it's all yours!
  16. Ed, you're such a caring individual! What a guy!!
  17. Fixed it for you Mumbles.
  18. Has somebody forgot to take their medications today ????

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