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    Hit one of my favorite catch and release lakes today to find a shore full of fishermen, which is unusual in itself. I immediately noticed they all had poles wedged into the rocks. I still didn't jump to conclusions, thinking maybe they're tribal members. I caught a few(releasing them like the law requires) when I noticed the bait guys had one on. There was immediately alot of excited yelling in Russian, and the fish was thrown on a stringer. F'ing poachers!!
    I went back to my rig, grabbed my cell and discreetly took a pic of their license plates. Blurry. I couldn't do it again without tipping my hand. I walked past them and fished down the beach, catching a few more and watching them put at least two more on their stringer. As I walked back I slipped my camera out of my pack, and using my body as a shield I got a better pic of their plates. Only problem, the stupid camera beeped when I turned it on, and made a loud fake shutter noise when I took the picture. When I reach my truck I notice all the Russians staring at me. Shit! Busted! As soon as I reached cell service I called it in. I left my info and got a call back an hour and a half later, the game warden telling me no one was there. With that response time, what do you expect? I know they hauled ass because my loud as camera(really is there any reason for all the beeps and blips). Good thing I got the pics, we'll see if they follow up. I have a feeling this is going to be a recurring event now that those POS's have it on their radar. Every time you hear Russian, call it in. You'll catch a poacher9/10times.
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    What is with the Russians? Surely they know the rules. They are tearing it up here in Oregon as well. You and I cherish our waters. Is it too much to ask for everyone to do so?
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    Well at least you tried!! Thats all you can do. And yeah with that response time they probably had enough to feed there family and headed home to make fish head soup.