So, curious, what's behind your avatar and username?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by formerguide, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. rory Go Outside

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    The biggest Roosterfish I have ever caught from the beach in Mexico. I have nothing to hide. That is my face, my name, and my ideas. Dan, your posts are thoughtful and engaging, thanks for joining this forum!
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  2. tythetier Fish Slayer

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    My screen name was the first one I could think of when I signed up for this forum many moons ago... Figured wanted something with my name, and since I just started makin' bugs I would put that little bit in as well.
    The avatar was just something I found a few years back... Always thought Homer could do a better job of prez then what ever clown was in at any given time... Not big on politics, but I know how they could save the budget... Cut all the congress peoples paychecks, and make them trade in their BMW or Porsche SUV's for a minivan like other people...
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  3. constructeur Active Member

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    I work in heavy civil infrastructure, et ma famille parle le Francais aussi.
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  4. skingfisher Member

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    no avatar yet, username taken fom my name, stephen king, reason, i lived close to a near dead chemically polluted stream in london. around 18 and finally got into the country to fish. heard a piercing whistle and saw a kingfisher pass, took my breath away,and still does.
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  5. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    Last name combined with fish.
    Avatar picture is of my favorite local fish, Puget Sound Coho.

    PS 021.jpg
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  6. Salmo_g Active Member

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    When I first discovered the internet I was told not to use my name in online forums, so I adopted the former Latin name for rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri, or Salmo g. for short. My avatar is a rainbow that happens to be a steelhead.
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  7. Evan Virnoche Guest

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    Avatar- Because i saw this and died laughing. Hoping one day today catch a smoked Turkrout

    Username- i lived in san diego for 5 years when i was in the military and didnt have that great of trout fishing other than the winters so i became a bass fisher men on the fly rod. And the reason behind bass turds is because you can be in the clear part of the lake and not see a bass, but find the dirtiest nastiest water and thats where the bass pooop breeed and eat. I would always tell my buddies to cast to the bass turds
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  8. GAT Active Member

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    I have absolutely no clue why my avatar is what it is. Obviously, someone was using mind control (probably a Jedi Knight) when I decided on the image.
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  9. Citori Piscatorial Engineer

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    Citori is the name of my favorite shotgun, at least one of them, which I hardly ever take out of the safe any more. The pic was taken by my now wife of me unhooking a smallish bone caught on a fly, but I can't recall if it was in Belize or Ascencion Bay in Mexico. She was there both times. It's to remind me of, well, memories.
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  10. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Like some others have confessed, I changed to using my real name so that I would temper down the commentary in some of my posts. Yeah, that worked out really well. Now I have to keep changing my disguises whenever I fish some waters, so I don't get called out!
    I'm still working on this year's new look.:confused:

    Avatar is a chrome searun cutt in the 14-15" class, found in a local creek just above the head of tidewater.
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  11. formerguide Active Member

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    Beautiful fish, and I see that you have the vaunted LL Bean basket. Mine cracked, I was heartbroken, best stripping basket ever made, and at least when I bought mine years ago, they were like $19.50, which seems absurd now!

  12. nomlasder Active Member

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    The photo is one of my creations, the handle is spelled backwards
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  13. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    I forgot why I chose my avatar but I think I remember why I picked my screen name.

  14. Mikey_Mac Member

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    My avatar is a picture of me on an outcrop on top of a cliff on Porcupine ridge trail in Utah. I had my buddy take it during a Mountain Bike trip to Moab in 2011.

    Username is what my mama gave me.
  15. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    Just an FYI.
    These are very popular and a knock-off of the highly regarded old Bean baskets. Many board members use then and they are available at local shops.

  16. Porter Active Member

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    Porter = Homebrewer and multi state winner with " Dirty Deeds Porter" (and HipHop IPA, or something like that...10 years ago)

    Avatar =!
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  17. Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

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    Shortly after WWII ended, I became my Sainted Flyfishing Mother's "surprise" . . . seemed only right that they should give me a name & that was that. The avatar is my pup Hank's first trip of our first season together.
  18. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    Was that "Dirty Deeds Porter" dirt cheap to produce, I wonder?
  19. Plecoptera Active Member

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    Still don't feel comfortable putting my name all over the net, so I've stuck with a fake one. Did my senior research project on invertebrates and was fascinated by the diversity and biology of mayflies and stoneflies. I think both names were taken so I went latin and figured the stonefly family was easier to spell.

    Avatar gets changed up, but usually its of a fish from a place that's special to me. In this case a Silver from the river I grew up on.
  20. Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

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    Well, my name was chosen 'cuz I couldn't post what most of my friends call me after I knock their fish off with the net (hint: Dipsh**). The avatar is of my big-boy toy that I take out in the summers. I'd put up a pic of a fish if I ever caught any!! ;)
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