So, curious, what's behind your avatar and username?

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  1. I will never post anything on a public forum that I won't stand behind, so I go by my name.
    My avatar is of our Golden that has been gone for a couple years now, and I just can't bring myself to change pics.
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  2. No Avatar, I started on the board with flyfisher121 , the 121 is January 21 Birthday. Kelly Michelsen
    is my given name.
  3. Ok. my turn. My name is the genus of the species I work on (i.e. Alosine fishes: American shad, alewife, blueback herring, etc.), and the picture is an underwater shot of some American shad that a colleague of mine took while we were collecting specimens on a river in Nova Scotia.
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  4. My avatar image is one of our three dogs, Coco. We have a Chocolate Lab (Jumar) and a Cattledog/Chiuahua mix (Coby). Our dogs are our kids so its full tilt love for the little nerds :) and I share their images as much as possible.

    The Eyejuggler is from a traditional Cheyenne tribe story about Coyote, a classic and mythical figure of mischief and daring.



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  5. have the same problem avitar is one of our girls who passed away 5 or 6 years ago....of all our girls, she is the one who left the most everlasting impression.....every time i see her pic it brings back a...............
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  6. Not me. I'd have rather been a porn star. Or a billionaire. Or both.

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  7. I've been studying the biology of cottids (sculpins) for over 30 years. Most of their common names are a bit cumbersome (e.g., red Irish lord), but cabezon, a species that I have worked with, is a reasonable mouthful. The image is of a print of the buffalo sculpin, Enophrys bison, in a classic Pacific Northwest Indian style that I like and have owned since 1982.
  8. I respect those of you who use your real names, and I really do want to do the same. But I worked in identity and security at Microsoft and elsewhere, and if you knew what I know, you'd also err on the side of anonymity in all things Internet like I do too.

    Lugan is an ethnic slur against Lithuanians, which I am 100%.

    I'm also an old punk rocker, and my avatar is the cover of (IMO) the best rock record ever: The Clash "London Calling".
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  9. Funny, 'Balmer' doesn't sound like a Lithuanian name...

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  10. Steve I've been wondering about that Avatar for ages!
  11. Definetly a top one in my book! .... " Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust"
  12. I'm Mumbles, spend some time around me and you'll get it. Avatar, that is actually what I look like. Both sad but true.
  13. Name? I joined in the middle of some push for everybody to use their names, be a little less anonymous.
    Avatar? My wife is an artist.
  14. My avatar is a picture of a fly I created years ago. It is kind of a cross between a Carey Special and a spey... a lot of steelhead has been caught on this pattern. My user name is because I fish at Ringold across from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.:D
  15. Name: Several years ago the net pens kept breaking, flooding Rufus woods with huge triploids. After landing about fifty of the brutes one day, a friend made a comment that I was a junkie for those fish.
    Avatar: While staked out on my favorite carp flats( you pick off an occasional largemouth or trout that wanders through too) I noticed several of these strange fish cruising around, milling with the carp. For the rest of the day I committed myself to catching one. Finally got one to eat after hours of putting my fly right on their noses. The fish was as blinding as a brick of gold out of the water, with blood red eyes. I later learned it was a tench, an invasive from the UK. I used it as an avatar because I knew noone would know what it was.
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  16. Done not dirt cheap! Wow...10 years ago...felt like 5...gawd I'm getting old fast.

    Dirty Deed Porter

    Name Dirty Deed Porter
    Description Dirty Dark Robust Malty and Hoppy Porter
    Added by
    Date Submitted Fri, 21 Feb 2003 12:00 AM (GMT)
    • 9.0 lbs. English Pale Malt
    • 2.0 lbs. Munich Malt
    • 12 ozs. Cyrstal 80-90
    • 12 ozs. Chocolate
    • 5 ozs. Black Patent
    • tettnang and cascade hops
    • Wyeast 1028
    Mash Grains @ 154 for 70 minutes. Raise to 168 and rest for 5 minutes. Sparge (Mash Out) collect wort

    Boil for 90 minutes -- 1.25 ozs. tettnang @ 90, 0.50 ozs. tettnang @ 30, 0.75 ozs. cascade @ 10, 0.75 ozs. cascade @ dry hop (7 days)
    Style Porter
    Recipe Type All Grain
    Batch Size 4.5 gallons
    Original Gravity 1.064
    Final Gravity 1.016
    Boiling Time 90
    Primary Fermentation 7 - Glass
    Secondary Fermentation 7 - Glass
    Other Specifics OG 1.064 FG 1.016 IBU'S 38-42 ABV 6.3%
    A definite Northwest flavor on a classic dark old style of ale. The cascades will give a slight rose floral and citrusy note but the malt will dominate the taste buds.The liquid will appear dark but when held to light will have a red tinge when tilted. Looks heavy but falls in the medium category.

    The one thing I did that made the beer better was natural carbonation after bottling. I would collect the right amount (formula) of wort and seal it. I would then add the wort back prior to bottling and it would ferment again causing the nautural carbonation. Nailed it every time. Can't remember the proper term for this process, but it beats adding sugar, etc.
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  17. ...And I don't miss those 7 hour brewing nights, all the clean-up, and the smell of spent hops lingering in the kitchen the next day! Do miss enjoying the handcrafted ale.
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  18. My brother Bruce was a home-brewer for years (one year giving me a set of beer glasses etched with the name 'Brewce') He gave it up largely for the same reasons. He made some wonderful beers though, my favorite being his Chocolate Goat Scrotum Porter.

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  19. anyone who has fished near me or not understands why I'm appropriating a Warren Zevon song title as my anonymous alter ego.And my avatar is me heroically posing with a very dead barracuda i shot off of Glover's reef in Belize.

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