So, curious, what's behind your avatar and username?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by formerguide, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Craig Pablo Active Member

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    I used to go by flyfishdude, my username pretty much everywhere else. I went along with the "use your real name" push awhile back.

    My avatar is from my favorite movie, "The Big Lebowski"

    btw, I've been flyfishdude since before the movie came out :cool:
  2. Porter Active Member

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    'Chocolate Goat Scrotum Porter'....great name! I went so far to even create my own laser print labels...'Midnite Brewery', because I normally wrapped it up well after midnight.
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  3. tediousthumper Hello My name is Thad and Im addicted to flyfishin

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    My AVATAR is from the interweb sensation "All you base are belong to us " I knew Jeff Roberts who was the DJ that remixed the first track wich originally spread the "All your base" phenom. Originally he got the track of a Japanese video game in which the programmers did not notice the grammer error and soon was publically made fun of.
    The Avatar used to fit in the screen before the site upgrade. It really has become old, and I'd like to change it, but I feel people reconize this avatar as being me so it stays.
    My screen name originates from my nick name tedious. An old girlfriend used to add thumper to the name and call me tedious thumper. A friend of hers used to room with us, so for awhile it was the three of us, those were certainly some good years. I worked as a club promoter and bartender. As a joke the girls used to introduce me like they were showing a car at a car show. When I entered a room they would say... "introducing MR TEDIOUS THUMPER" I know it sounds silly, and of course it is, but I was young then and those were some good memories.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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  4. Rob Allen Active Member

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    My screen name is my real name and the Avatar is a screen shot of the video game Quake.. used to love to play it and it seemed to not fit for a fly fishing forum so i figured that would be perfect.
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  5. WolfSpider Member

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    I got a tattoo of a Wolf Spider on my neck shortly after getting out of The Marine Corps, so the screen name kind of made sense. Then I got married and screen names now consist of fayeandbryan, bryanandfaye, or some variation of that. The avatar is the only pic I could find with a fish and a spider. Well, the tattoos gone, the cool screen names are disappearing, isn't marriage grand??? Actually it is pretty great, but it sure was fun being single while it lasted!
  6. Gonefission New Member

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  7. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    My screen name is actually Jamie Wilson - that's how I sign autographs as well. The avatar is cool - don't you think??
  8. fredaevans Active Member

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    I keep it simple, no place to hide on the Internet anyway. I use my real name everywhere I post. The fluffy Puppy behind me was Husky. 135 pounds of pure love and affection. As is Sandy my Yellow Lab.

    I'd get tired and sit down and he'd plop his butt next to mine (Sand would flake out) and do a 'I think this ear needs a touch of cleaning.' During the work day, always under my desk as a toe warmer.

    Husky gave me a working definition of "Unconditional Love."

    His box of ash sits on my desk as I type. He never left my side, and I'm never going to leave his.

    Frederick A. Evans
  9. Richard Torres Active Member

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    I figured to use my name since theres plenty of Richard Torres' out there. The avatar?
    A my mother in law's friend has a 9 year old grand son who loves to fish and fell in love with some flies I gave to him for Christmas a few years ago and every Christmas since. The picture was drawn on a 18" by 24" piece of paper by him in crayon and is proudly hanging up in my man cave.
  10. Porter Active Member

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    Your avatar is a crayon drawing? Ok never mind...I was able to enlargen it. That is pretty cool!
  11. Richard Torres Active Member

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    The gig is up Ed.

    We know now what you really do when you're not fishing...
    dream1.PNG dream3.PNG

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  12. jessejames Flyslinger

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    My nme is Jess Clark and In my saleman days I would make cold calls and it seemed like my name was often confused with JEFF so I would say its jess Like jesse james. It stuck and people seemed to remember the salesman named jesse james.
    The Avatar is a close up of a big Westslope Cutthroat Trout that I caught in a little pool on Kelly Creek one October a few years ago.
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  13. dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

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    I first used the name of dryflylarry as an internet email 20 years ago. About the same time, I had it inscribed on a rod I had built by Anderson Custom Rods. If you read my profile, you will find my name in full. I never understood why people may think you're hiding behind a Username when it's in black and white in your profile section. Yes, I use the dry fly every time I'm on the water and many times exclusively before trying something wet. I just plain love watching a trout suck in my fly off the surface. It's as good as sex, sometimes better! I find the challenge the best and most satisfying. I've been on plenty of fishing trips and used only the dry. I've risen fish when there were no fish rising.(I get a little kick out of that.) I've landed a good number of trout over 20 inches on size 20 dries. To each his own. My avatar changes from time to time, the current one being a day of coho fishing on the sound.
  14. a_fors Active Member

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    Avatar is from high school football. Everyone called my brother "fors" so since the name starts with"A" I got afors. The picture was just from last fall wet wading on the Yakima. Before that it was a cabezon from local reef that I congered up one day.
  15. Steve Call Active Member

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    Avatar is a beautiful September day in SE Alaska at the mouth of a small river chock full of silvers.
  16. Rodney Bryan Rodney Bryan

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    Avatar : Picture of my "torturing" a rainbow caught at Lone Lake, it will change in the near future
    Screen name : I am from Barbados, and you can refer to a person from Barbados as a Bajan (or Barbadian). Flying Fish is a common target for the local fishermen (commercial) there. Well, I was trying to have the screen name "BajanFlyingFIsh" but I had typo and ended up with "BajayFlyingFish". This will change to my real name in the near future also.
  17. Bruce Baker Active Member

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    Ii used to go by geljockey (was affiliated with the work I did). I changed it to my real names and did many others when a thread was started o encourage folks to use their real name instead of an alias. My avatar reflects that I'm a Michigan State alumnus.
  18. Don Freeman Freeman

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    I got my screen name at Ellis Island.
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  19. JesseC Active Member

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    I have a personal hatred for a guy named JesseCFowl who kicked me in the nuts in fifth grade. I use this site to act like an asshole and tell lies to ruin his reputation. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  20. Kenneth Yong Member

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    Username's my real name, avatar is me on the Aniene about 35 miles from Rome. Italy, not Georgia.