So, curious, what's behind your avatar and username?

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  1. The avatar's me at Kelly Creek one year, working on a 5 Vegas, with the plastic otter on my hat. Alexander Mac Donald was also Triath nan Eilan (Lord of the Isles), and my direct ancestor, and yes, I speak Gaelic. but thank God I'm not from Glasgow!!
  2. The avatar is the tribal dragon tattoo on my back. And I am a 911 operator so that's the other part.
  3. The photo is from a double amber rainbow, which appeared this past fall moments after a CHP officer passed. He was shot performing his duty. The sky light changed like an eclipse.

    Literally, people and traffic stopped for miles around and looked up. It was very moving and a good reminder...

    Also, from NJ on the good side!
  4. Avatar: this was the second peacock bass of the day that I caught while fishing in Wahiawa, Hawai'i with fellow forum member and guide Stan Wright.

    User name: Used to be SearunSimpson, which is what I used for many years on many other forums. Living near the ocean and fishing mostly for anadramous fish, I thought it had a nice ring to it. Eventually people started switching it to their real name, I followed suit and got the mods to change it to my real name.
  5. Those of us that know you, know that you go by Jesse James more-so because of your marauding days, than because it helps people remember you....come on now Outlaw! :p
  6. Just my name and a pic of a silver I caught on Big River Lake off Cook inlet in Alaska. That's a floating island I'm standing on so I had to watch where I stepped so I didn't slide through a whole and wind up in the drink.
  7. Oh that was you!!! If I remember right you deserved it. And actually it was the sixth grade. BTW you can't ruin the reputation of a guy who goes aroung kicking people in the nuts.
  8. I am going to be the only one on the Dude Ranch wearing a black hat this summer. (low brimmed gambler crown)
  9. My avatar AKfly7 is simple I guess - moved here from Alaska and my "lucky" number is 7. My picture is a silver caught on the Kenai.
  10. Fishing a favorite Alberta stream with "Plato" who I still miss very much.
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  11. Picture: I tend to get bored easy, so my picture will change from time to time. I will more than likely change it to a picture of my new drift when it is done.

    Name: Inside joke with some buddies.... some may be offended
  12. Which is exactly why I don't understand people who get a tatoo. Ask the same person how long they keep the same screensaver...

    ...but wait. That's another thread some other time.

  13. When I joined this site in 07, I was heavily into 4wheeling and modifying my jeep. I sold that thing in 08 before moving cross country to New Jersey. I really need to update my username and pic, It's funny how hobbies like that can change over time. Now I drive a stock 97 Toyota T100, and I am not into 4wheeling at all anymore. I enjoy getting out there on forest service roads and mild expo type stuff, but that's about it. It all about my family and daughter now.
  14. My username is that of one of my dogs, a great buddy that shared many years with me before we had to part. My avatar is a pic of a special girl that came along later. Tragically, she had to take her journey over a year ago,...much too early. I'm just not ready to take her picture down.
  15. Well, my name is my name. The avatar is a picture of me in my full glory in the dressing room after the second period one day - actually it is one of the Hanson brothers from Slapshot - best hockey movie ever.
  16. I chose Yak years ago as my name is Jack and my sister calls me Yak. Also a nice local river. Pic is me with a baha Yellowfin...a memorable trip a few years ago and reminds me I need to go back.

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