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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Runejl, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Steven Green Hood Canal Pirate

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    I saw that girl in a picture on some guide fishing trip site. If you saw it on another forum like this you either somehow found this girl on the internet or more likely some creepy guy is pretending to be a girl haha
  2. rick matney Active Member

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    I like to know what I'm getting and see the manufacturing process, of course I would go to thailand. Catalogues scare me, so does the internet. :beer2:
  3. miyawaki Active Member

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    I like the waders!

    Women look great in our waders, don't they?

  4. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    Good point, Leland.

    With all the Orvis bashing that goes on in some posts around here, I'm surprised people haven't dismissed her as just an snobby, elitist, fly-fisherwoman straight from the Orvis catalog, who obviously looks down her nose at gear fishermen and couldn't possibly know how to properly land a fish on 6X tippet!
  5. Chris Puma hates waking up early

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    this certainly isn't 2girls1cup. booo!
  6. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I don't know if I want anybody in my waders.. They are to tight now. :beathead::beathead:

  7. rick matney Active Member

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    Ouch, I assume that was directed at me. Orvis has done a lot for the conservation of the sport. Like Havre MT town slogan used to be " It's the people" :rofl:

    Mayor Bob has since changed it to "Havre, Git R Done" classy I think.:)
  8. Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

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    Rick, Go to Russia man !!! You should have seen the girls my father in law has met over there and he's no spring chicken !!! Right On !!!!!
  9. TallFlyGuy Adipossessed!

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    If any woman has to spend 2 hours in front of the mirror to only look like that.....that woman has to be put out of her misery.

    She hardly has any makeup on at all. Not sure what your trip is.
  10. David Loy Senior Moment

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    I have visions of women in waders and this one is nice.
    Wouldn't complain much about the "make up" time. Looks clean and wholesome to me. Probably smells real purty too.
  11. Panhandle Active Member

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    I don't have a trip, aside from the fact that you don't like me-- but that's your problem, not mine. It was suppose to be joke, as everyone else seemed to pick up on. Trip away bro.:thumb:
  12. Roper Idiot Savant

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    Now the old curmudgeon wades in on the subject with sage advice, well OK, it's just my opinion.

    Chicks and fishing/hunting/etc. doesn't do much for me. I'm sort of a one thing at a time guy.

    Now, coming home after a day on the water and finding the Mrs. has fixed a candlelight dinner....;)
  13. Mark Bové Chasin tail

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    Sea run taimen, yaks, and russian chicks... sounds like a time
  14. kodiaksalmon Jeff B.

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    HA! I agree. She's attractive in her own right, not because she's supposed to be fishing.

    I agree Roper. I like to fish alone, and have never really liked the idea of having to compete with a Mrs.

    But I'm single as hell and destined to stay so. So I don't know why I'm worried about it.
  15. TallFlyGuy Adipossessed!

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    Not that I don't like "you", but it seems everytime you respond to a post you do it in a negative fashion. Perhaps if you were more positive in your posts it would "attract" more "fish" to you. Ask any guide, People with great postive attitudes, catch more fish!
  16. Richard Torres Active Member

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    Good one Jim!
  17. Panhandle Active Member

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    You are one classic bastard Tall.:rofl: Practice what you preach guy. There was nothing negative happening until you brought it. Ask any guide? DUDE!?? get out.:D
  18. MrP Member

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    Well spoken you old curmudgeon you Roper, well spoken.
  19. Jason Decker Active Member

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    FYI - That girl is Jack Mitchell's woman, so don't get any ideas boys!
  20. barbless Member

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    She got man hands...