So how many casts until you touched your frist steelhead???

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by sandspanker, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Not sure what you're getting at Mumbles. I don't know you well enough to know if that was a jab, or if you were just making fun. I take steelhead fishing very seriously, possibly too much so. We all know how elusive those buggers can be at times. So, from the moment I get in the car I'm formulating my plan. Where to start on the river, based on water flow, what tactic to start with, swing or bounce bugs, what fly to use, based on water clarity, is the sun out, what angle to make my cast or do I have to crawl up to the holes, etc. So yeah, it's competitive to me in a way. If I do all those things and don't catch a fish in the first few hours, I feel like I lost a mini battle. Yet I contribute much of my success to doing all those things as well.

    But you did get me thinking. I meant no disrespect to stilly. In fact just the opposite. I commended him on taking that time to do just what he said, enjoy his time out. Something that I struggle with when I go steelhead fishing. Trout fishing is different, I don't seem to have that same struggle, even though I apply the same tactics....go figure. It's those darn steelies, they'll do that to a guy.

    So, sorry if I missed your joke if you were try'n to be funny. Like I said, I don't know you that well. That being said, with how new guys get their heads bitten off around here, you can't blame a guy for assuming the worst.

  2. I see the rumors are mostly true. I have two days off in a row in a few weeks and think I will take my first serious stab at a metalhead. I'm guessing I'll probably average what one cast every two minutes or so, multiply that by x number of hours, carry the 3, uhh, well I'm sure it will be an astronomical number of casts before I even hook one. I can't wait!
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    In washington, it took me 2 months of fishing Saturday mornings to land my first fish. I would say a 10 to 12 lb hatchery on the Green river. My first steelhead I hooked was on the deschutes in Oregon. As soon as I hooked him he was gone, down river. I watched that fish peel half my backing before coming up out of the water and spitting the hook. Happened so fast I just stood in the river like a statue. That was in september, the next year in october I landed my first steelhead on the deschutes.
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    Sounds about like my 1st catch. I didn't really know what I was doing - on my 1st trip to Washington. I just brought a 5wt. and was fishing a black wooly bugger on 4x tippet in some of the prettiest water I have ever seen. I see some big fish cruising one area, so I start making casts to them, and slowing my drift so the fly can get across them. All of the sudden, bam! This fish ran me ragged, and I never thought I'd get it in. I finally landed it right beside 3 guys who congratulated on me on a nice fish and high-fived me as it swam away. Turns out it was 2 old guys from Tennessee out to meet one of their sons who is in school out there - small world! So now, I'm hooked.

    Brought an 8wt. and a bunch of different lines and flies with me on my next 6 or 7 trips over the next couple of years and went skunk-ola on steel, but caught some nice fish along the way. Then, one day, I'm fishing for cutts in an Eastside river just before it closes (and before its steelhead season opens) and I'm hammering cutts on a #14 black stone fly nymph several days in a row with my 5wt. and all of the sudden, one late afternoon, bam! Another steelhead! Then, 45 minutes later, another one on the same damn fly about 100yds downstream! So for the times I have set out to target them, I'm 0'fer. But that being said, I've caught 3 --- and plan to keep at it!

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    The thing I've always found strange about steelheading is their atrophied stomachs and random strike patterns. There are certain methods that produce more strikes than others, but fly patterns seem to be more for the flyfisherman than the fish. The matter is getting your fly in their face. It's all about territorial responses from pre-spawn fish. The longer they're in the river and closer to spawning, the more tight-lipped they become. I've found this true of most species when in spawn mode.
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    Touching (a take) from a steelhead was not the problem, landing one was the problem. Had a take probably on my 3rd or 4th full day steelhead fishing. Took a year of weekend trips during the spring, fall, winter seasons to land one. Of course using 4 and 6 lb leaders in small creeks/rivers log jam infested did not help the landing part. This all happened in Michigan rivers 1980 circa. Many fish since.
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    I hooked my first winter steelhead the first year fished for them i was 16 at the time and believed that everyone who fished sink tips was a snagger like one of the local fly fishing celebrities was. Therefore my first winter steelhead hooked was on a double taper 9 on a 9'6" powell 9wt fiberglass rod and a phluger reel. on a dead drifted paint brush out of a run called Skeltons on the Washougal river. it was a lot of work getting that unweighted fly 4 feet down in the swift current. That was in 1966 just at the end of their actually being fish in the Washougal and i knew no other rivers. So it was not until about 99 or 2000 until i hooked another or even fly fished for winters much and that was a 10 lb wild fish on the Sauk.. The only fish landed between 4 of us fishing the river for 5 days. It was late April and the fish came to a red bunny leech fished on a 15 foot sage with a 15 ft type 6 10 wt sink tip..

    Since then with 4 or 5 trips a year i catch one or two fish per year. All of them wild. never once have I hooked a hatchery winter steelhead on a swung fly. I take that back I did catch one Kelt once but Kelts don't count, as steelhead or as a fish caught on a swung fly.. it's the same as catching a dolly
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    Sigh ! I`m envious . I have`nt been able to fish for steel since being up on the Morice in October . The Thompson has been shut down for the year due to poor returns . The closest open steelhead river is over 200 miles away , and those fish won`t start returning until near the end of this month , and it`s usually a gong show there at the best of times . I live in one of the best areas on the planet for trout fishing in lakes , but steelhead are either fish to look forward to , or look back fondly on for me .
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    So far, I've completed 33 separate outings specifically targetting steelhead. Haven't caught one yet. I thought I did once, but it turned out to be a large SRC. Maybe tomorrow will be the day...
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    2 maybe 4 years, On the fly. Back then we had no internet, We had to do it ourselves. good friends and the same people day after day' month after month, year after year. Always the same fisherman, You would see knew fisherman maybe 1or 2 times butthen never again. We shared info!
    And the rest was up to our selves. I gave up lots of women and lots of money chasing Steelhead. Someday again I would like to swing and step swing and step... but I just dont know.
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    28 days before I touched my first fish. Many grabs but none to hand. Been spoiled since :)
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    I got the same problem. I catch everything but Steelhead when out Steelhead fishing. Yesterday, I caught this fella and a nice SRC while out on the OP.
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    Im on a 100+ day skunk on the sky. I can catch steel anywhere but my home river.
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    Dave, is that the old school south bend glass?