So, looks like I'm going to be here awhile...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by formerguide, Feb 7, 2014.

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    There's no future in the "Awl bidness" I think the internal combustion engine is a passing fad - unless you are on I-5 then there is no passing - just sitting. I hope things go your way!
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  2. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Good for you, Dan. I truly hope it works out well for you and your family. Looks like i need to stop being lazy and finally make it over to check out the shop one of these days
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  3. Bob Rankin Active Member

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    Best of wish's to family and for the business!
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  4. Roger Stephens Active Member

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    Good to finally meet you at the shop yesterday! Sorry that I could not chat with you since I had to be in Port Townsend at noon. For only fishing the saltwater here in Puget Sound for 1 year you sure have posted some awesome reports and photos.

    Your addition and new programs at Puget Sound Fly Co. will make it an even better shop.

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  5. PAFLYBOY New Member

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    Best of luck to you and the family. It's great to hear you're "back in the industry." If my travels take me out that way I'll try and stop in. Tight lines!

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  6. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Well Dan, based on your posts, I can't say that's particularly good news for the fish :). All the best to your son and the family... and the new venture!
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  7. later_Peter Active Member

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    May your son's health continue to improve & being around him bring you joy. Money ain't NOTHIN' but a means to an end... & family is the end all & be all of life.... oh, & fishing is important, too... & maybe a good slice of pizza
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  8. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Love reading stuff like this. Best of luck in the new chapter, with family in focus!
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  9. Tacoma Red Active Member

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    Yes the best to you, family and most importantly to your son! I hope he finds good health in the "waters" here.
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  10. Mike Ediger Active Member

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    Congrats Dan! It is cool to hear that you are exited personally and professionally. I hope you son continues to improve. Best of luck in all aspects!

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  11. Mark Moore Just a Member

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    Best investment you will ever make....and the Fly Shop thing should work out pretty well too. :)
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  12. Rod Wittner Active Member

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    Seems as though everyone wins in this arrangement. Congrats to you and your family, Dan and to Anil as well. Ya gotta love the win-win. Continued prayers for Calvin's health and well being.
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  13. Spencer Woods Member

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    Puget Sound Fly Co.
    NASDAQ: PSFC - Feb 10 1:03 PM ET

    34.88+0.84 (1.14%)
    Congrats, Dan! The shops stock is up based on this news!
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  14. Drifter Active Member

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    Well I've liked your writing ever since you came to the site. It was easy to tell you were a great fisherman with the reports you have given. It also has shown how humble a man you must be not having to bash other fisherman or techniques or opinions. You have kept your writing spot on with your on water education. I hope this continues and I think you are a great choice to represent the fly fishing community while working at a shop. I tend to think of the fly fishing community as a whole and how I, or "WE" represent it to the other fishing world and you sir - have done one hell of a job of that already! Keep up the good work!

    A lot of people could learn from your respect and humbleness - not just your fishing. WELCOME!!!
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  15. Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

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    This whole thread reaks of awesome.
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  16. Josh Stroud Active Member

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    Good for you Dan, congrats and good luck.
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  17. Phil Fravel Friendly

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    Way to go Anil.... good for you Dan
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  18. DennisE Topwater and tying.

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    OK, gotta ask, next time I swing by the shop should I bring beer or soft drinks (Scotch?)? ;-) (and chips, and salsa, and ???)
    Gotta have some sort of toast!
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  19. Skysoldier Trout Hunter

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    Great news Dan! All the best to you and your family.
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  20. orangeradish Bobo approved

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    This seems like the mother of all win-win situations. Anil runs a great shop, and you get more time at home. Glad to hear, man.
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