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  1. I'd heard tell of a river with some possible steelhead hangin around so yesterday I decided to give her a try. Now as most of you know I'm a die hard indicator guy and I've argued indicator virtues and will continue to do so with whomever will listen (or won't listen for that matter :)), but I realized that it has been far to long since I've really compared it to anything else in moving water (in lakes I switch it up all the time). So I decided to dark side it for awhile yesterday and swing it.

    Armed with only a floating line (didn't even think to bring anything else), I started digging in my fly boxes looking for a likely candidate and I found a pattern tied by Formerguide that he sent in during our trout streamer swap. I tied it on below a large nymph for extra weight and in order to make sure the flies drop a bit before the swing I did quarter down, I cast slightly up stream and let the flies work down the drift. Third one of those right at the beginning of the line coming tight on to start the swing the line stopped, I set the hook and fish on.

    Now this next part might seem strange, but after I landed the fish I felt a bit cheated, and I realized I'd felt the same thing before when I've stopped watching my indicator at the end of a run and hit fish when it swings. I wanted to see that indicator dip down, pause, twitch, dive, etc... Back went on the indicator, with the exact same set up and 3 or 4 casts later I'm on to another fish but this time I watched the indicator go down. This reconfirmed another thought I've had before; I know that for some people that unexpected tug/slam during a swing, that feeling of unexpectedness is what pumps the adrenaline but with the indicator I experience the same thing. During a drift, I never know where that indicator might stop it's downward migration and even if it does, when I set the hook there are no guarantees that the impediment of its journey was caused by a fish. Those first few head shakes "I" (see that I) feel are the same regardless of the catalyst of their beginnings. And I get the visual to boot!

    That next fish was a tiny hatchery brat (20 1/4") that is dinner tonight.
  2. Awesome!
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  3. very nice....

    you actually pretty much summed it up for how I feel about throwing indicators as well. Although, I think I might enjoy fish hitting streamers nearly as much....but I really enjoy seeing the indicator dive or twitch. I feel cheated when I'm looking away and then look back to see the indicator under (but I didn't actually see it go under)....weird, but it makes sense to me.
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  4. Hate to burst your bubble, but swinging for summer runs mid January is not comparable to swinging for them during there prime.
  5. Visual stimulation is one reason that I enjoy fishing dry flies.

    Go Sox,
  6. What is your specific evidence to support your conclusion? How do you know it is a summer run fish? Did you take a scale sample? Is it color alone that leads you to your conclusion? Is it the fact that I also caught a small hatchery fish? Why would you choose to make assumptions about my success based upon not knowing a single thing about where I was fishing or who I am. I knew the haters would show up, I started a pool with a friend of mine to see how long it would take for the rationalizationers to start attempting to try once again to convince me that I am some how less of a fisherman. I hate to burst "YOUR" bubble JS but my bubble was not busted, I still know that I'm awesome. Now how many steelhead did you catch yesterday, where is your report?

    And lastly, who the hell cares if it is summer or winter? Watch that fall from your high horse!
  7. Ira, that's awesome. There are lots of ways to get your joy from angling, and I think its always laudable to try different things and then focus on what makes your heart race, and gets you all sweaty. TMI?
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  8. Happens every winter :)

    And, based on your location, I see no reason that could not be a winter fish. People make a lot of assumptions based on coloration...and I suspect they are often wrong.

    I'm not picking on JS (or anyone else), but some of this reminds me of the colossal ass hurt that used to show up when Andy (Zen Piscator) used to post his fish. After the 100th fish of the winter, the usual cast of characters would show up with "boot", "Red Raper", "that's not chrome", etc. And all he did was share the fish he was catching. Just like Ira.
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  9. The haters got to hate, It is how they define their self worth I guess. There will likely be more, you can bet your life on it. Even after Jeremy's post about "How can I help you?"
  10. Hey Ira, I've enjoyed goin slummin on the river with you before. Continue to do what you do.
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  11. Since I'm one of "those" anglers that hold carp in high esteem, I doubt my opinion matters much... but nice job!
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  12. Take heart Ira. Even though you're a lesser fisherman, you're still a fisherman, and I think that counts for something. In my limited experience with bobbercating, I noted the similarity of feeling where "bobber down" produces the same excitement as a trout rising to a dry fly. The "lesser" nature of bobbercating mostly comes from the chain yanking made possible by internet forums, in which I find some fun. What I haven't found as much fun is the simultaneous casting of an air resistant bobber with a leader encumbered by lead shot and a fly or flies on the end of all that. Not exactly, nor even anywhere close to the grace that can be experienced while casting either dry or wet flies in traditional style. And if nothing else, I'm always stylin'.

    Oh, and nice catch.

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  13. I think it's a triploid escapee from a net pen that migrated over to the west side.

    :mad: <hater emoticon)
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  14. Awesome stuff Ira, and I must admit, pretty stoked you got one on a fly I tied! Like fishing by proxy for me, that's as close to a steelhead as I got this week (went 0 for 0 on Friday out by myself, but that's another story entirely...)

    Glad it worked for you!

  15. I'm telling ya, some guys just stink of fish. Good job... who the hell cares how you caught them.
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  16. Apologies. Poor assumption on my part. Been sitting in the house too long. That being said, wow, people are thin skinned on here these days.
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  17. Like I said, happens every winter :D
  18. Here it goes again.
  19. My skin is thick, that's why I know I'm still awesome, but an apology on the internet only leads to breaking it, I'd like to keep it around for awhile, so take it back, take it back, please take it back!
  20. As a bad kid was once quoted, "Dear Santa, define "Good"" What is "It" in your opinion Nate. I never did use a bead or a glow bug or a yarnie afterall.

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