So this swinging thing.

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  1. I think you're giving yourself too much credit by considering what you did as "swinging." Still trying to get into the cool crowd, huh Ira? ;)
  2. I was cool, only when I trippled in 800' of water PT.
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  3. I think Ira is just bored, and chummed the waters for an indicator vs. swing debate. Stimulating conversation with adults can be a luxury, sometimes. Someone just throw up a link to mumbles cartoon so we can all have a chuckle( I would, but couldn't find it and gave up). Dirty ass nymphers!
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  4. If haters gotta hate, them I'm hatin' on ya Ira. When I go fishing, I am armed with hundreds of dollars worth of rods, reels, lines, tips and a million flies. I have not landed a steelhead since October, though I have watched my buddies land them, and I have had multiple bumps, hits, takes, runs, etc. I went out yesterday and proceeded to clean the Columbia of tumbleweeds. Never fish after a wind storm in eastern Washington I guess. And not only do you outfish me, but you do it with a streamer from a swap I was in, and my streamer was actually a steelhead fly, and you don't pick mine.

    Oh well, good on you, wish I could do the same here. I agree with the indicator hit thing, I am amazed at how many of my friends can't stand chiro fishing (staring at a damn bobber!) but then proceed to want to stare at their dry fly all the time. Seems the same to me.

    I do nymph fish for steelhead, I just don't enjoy it as much as swinging, the nymphing is a lot more work in my mind. I catch fewer fish than my friends, but usually I'm OK with that. However, there are many runs that are better nymphed than swung, and I will get my game on then.

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  5. I don't think it has anything to do with what you're staring at. It's about the flycast. Most people just don't enjoy playing chuck and duck. It's not as enjoyable as simply a flyline and fly.

    Not trying to hi-jack as I don't give a rats azz what others do. Nice fish Ira.
  6. no one cares it's just not the same accomplishment as a fresh winter from a swollen river on a fly fished in such a way as to force the fish to chase it down. Heck drift fishing with bait takes more skill... Which my wife did yesterday to great affect, nice 12 lb wild hen chrome bright, hooked lightly in the corner of the jaw for an easy release.. no picture needed...
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  7. This is why I, and likely more than a few others, don't post fishing reports here. The last thing I need is some internet ass clown telling me why my day wasn't as great as I thought it was.
  8. Don't understand why you guys enjoy watching an indicator when you'er standing in the water (or sitting in a boat), the bobber is not all that interesting to watch all day long. You can use one and watch for twitches or sinking...but when a steelhead takes a swung fly there are no questions about what just happened. Feeling a good hard take is very interesting...
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  9. I feel like if you tried it, you would like catching steelhead on swung wakers. Still the "visual" part like the bobber going under except its on top...and way cooler.

    I don't begrudge people for getting dirty and fishing the bobber. I did it for a while and I just didn't like it. Since I went swing only I like steelhead fishing alot more. Nothing that happens under a bobber can compare to the swung fly. All about finding the player.
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  10. It's always the same people who try take the reports down a notch because of the preferred method of the OP. Sadly, all too predictable.

    Ira, great report, sounds like you had a fine day on the water.

    Today, I'm going fishing. I'm going to be using flies only the color of the Denver Broncos while both nymphing and swinging. Hope that doesn't uh, ruffle too many feathers. Back to your regularly scheduled programming of pointing out how your a better person based solely on the fact that you swing flies...
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  11. Yeah, and because of this, thanks again Ira for sharing. I'll be honest, I like a steady feed of SteelPorn.
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  12. This months reading strategy in my 4/5 classroom in inference. That is where you use clues that the author gives you to interpret information. Klick, you do a decent enough job of referring to your own preference at first by using the second person, but then you switched it up to a definitive statements, "...the bobber is not all that interesting to watch all day long." I'll assume that what you intended to write was "... I don't think the bobber is all that interesting to watch all day long." Unless of course your intent was to isolate an entire group of fisherman and let them know that they are doing it wrong and that you do not approve, in that case you got it right the first time.

    Now on to your ability to infer my original post. I agree feeling a hard take is very interesting, but in my opinion I feel I experience that sensation after I set the hook, to me the experience of the swung fly take and setting up on an unknown twitch are equally satisfying, but with the swing, I lose the visual, so I prefer the indicator (AGAIN SEE THE "I").

    Now folks who openly admit that they have also indicator fished and in the end realize that they prefer the ease, grace and feel of swinging, they have something to compare it too. Which again was my point in my OP; I realized that I was telling myself that I preferred the indicator, but that I hadn't swung in so long that maybe if I tried it again I would like it equally or better. I didn't, but now I know. Now I know that the rationalizers will once again say, "I don't need to try dog crap to know I don't like it." A better analogy might be something that is actually edible that you didn't like as a kid but as a grown up it might be worth trying again. I still give mushrooms a try once every few years, just in case, but other than cow manure growing up on a dairy farm for awhile (cow patty fights) I've never knowingly tried feces and I've never gill netted either. (Crap, now I just ticked off the gill netters on the forum by comparing them to dog crap eaters).
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  13. ohh come on now he posted that to stir the pot...
  14. I agree, I think a swung waker would be awesome, and I've had a couple players through the years (none landed) and I know that in some cases it can actually work better than anything else but I as of yet haven't been willing to give it a try long enough and in enough situations to really find those times. Maybe more so this summer and fall.

    Now just like Klick, I'll interpret that you intended to say "I think nothing that happens under a bobber can compare to the swung fly. I think steelheading is all about finding the player."
  15. I think a great way to solve this problem is to create a WFF buddy system where we match a swinger to an indicatorer (I almost said nympher, but then we'd get all those gutter minded lurkers involved with the wrong idea). They fish together and teach each other until each catches a fish using the others preferred method. They share the experience and then have a new appreciation for each other.

    Now I'm not stupid, I can already predict the potential problems, but I think we could focus on solutions instead of those problems.
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  16. Why isn't it in your opinion as much of an accomplishment? Is it a numbers game? I guess I could see that making a free throw with your eyes open isn't as much of an accomplishment as making the same shot your eyes closed. In the end though your still make the shot and I've always been for the most part more of a goal oriented person than a process person. For me accomplishment for accomplishment sake doesn't make much sense. I rarely purposefully handicap myself for the art of catching fish. Again this is me, and those who do, good for you, but please don't expect me to think that you are better than me somehow because you do. Is there an argument in there for the opposite of accomplishment? Crap here we go with semantics again.

    As for the picture, you'll notice it is not the whole fish, just the mouth with the fly. I took it for formerguide to show him his fly in a steelheads mouth. I did not take pictures of the other steelhead I caught that day, not the 20 1/4" fish nor the bright 10ish pound wild hen I landed.

  17. Ira let me first reiterate i couldn't care less how other people fish that is up to them.

    secondly I said it was not the same accomplishment i didn't say it was less or more just different.

    Hell no it's not a numbers game.. The reason for it to be a numbers game is if you used fishing to stroke your ego. If you use fishing ( catching fish) to make you feel better about yourself then you have bigger problems than what gear you use.

    there is no art in indicator fishing

    I certainly do not think that I am any better than anyone else because i'm not and I don't believe that i have ever said or portrayed myself as better.

    steelhead fishing for me is not goal oriented unless i am around hatchery fish , then my goal is to murder as many of them as I legally can

    a 14 inch fish cannot be a steelhead :) it's a trout

    if you are goal oriented why do you not use a spinning rod??? you'd be a lot more effective
  18. So now we even concern ourselves with how the fish is hooked in it's mouth????
  19. You are correct, you didn't say it was any less an accomplishment, in my opinion you just alluded to it. My bad as an interpretation if that was not your intent. I don't need to stroke my ego, but I do like catching fish, and the more the better. I don't want to catch more fish because I want to prove that I'm better than everyone else, in fact if you ask people I fish with, I'm 10 times more satisfied if everyone is catching fish. I don't need fish to feel better about myself, but it doesn't hurt and again in my opinion if the intent is not to catch fish, why the hell do it in the first place?

    I disagree with your statement that there is "no" art in indicator fishing, for me the concept of art is a subjective versus objective one so it can exist everywhere. I don't believe that swinging is anymore of an art than indicator fishing or vise a versa.

    I do love raking the gills of hatchery fish, and the lemon olive oil and garlic I cooked that 20 1/4" (I forgot the slash, thanks for catching that for me!) brat in pleased even my 6 year old, and that is not easy to do.

    As far as a spinning rod being more effective, I've only run across one guy fishing a spinning rod that kept up with me while I used the fly rod, so that is yet to be seen with me. Now where legal to do so, I am not at all apposed to throwing gear if I think it will work better. I'm also... gasp... not afraid to use bait if I know I'm keeping fish.
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  20. i have always concerned myself with that.. i certainly don't want to be killing fish i plan to release

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