So this swinging thing.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Irafly, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

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    Best post of the year so far.

  2. PT Physhicist

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    Since this place is full of opinions, I'll state mine. Post your reports and don't concern yourself with what someone else thinks. People need not be so fragile as to be offended by what some anonymous poster thinks about their posts.

    To quote Ira. "Nobody can offend me without my consent." Words more of us should live by.

    What could be seen as really offensive is Ira thinking that what he did is considered swinging. Casting upstream with a heavily weighted fly or two and letting it dead drift, on purpose, until the tail end where he swings it in for another cast.....? Blah! ;)
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  3. gearhead Active Member

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    im going to steal a line here, but, a lion shouldn't concern itself with the opinion of a swinger.
  4. Irafly Active Member

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    I was thinking of you sop when I mentioned my buddy program. Please be my steelhead buddy.
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  5. Chris Bellows The Thought Train

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    The rivers and fish deserve better than being polluted with Bronco orange. I'd rather be a dirtbag snagging poacher than a Donkey fan.

    See folks, there are things I hate worse than beaders and bucktailers...
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    The person reads a thread and makes the effort( takes the time) to post a remark. Either the remarks are positive and encouraging, or an attempt to deflate the OP of his accomplishments.
    The reason for the latter is to make themselves feel better. They know you will read the response and they cant help themselves from trying to take somebody down (with them). They are mentally defeated and when anybody post a pic of fish being landed and the joys of such an adventure they feel jaded and envious of your actions.
    Its not the technique used, it the fact you actually landed a fish and had fun doing it. They are upset with themselves, being unable to fish that day or the idea that you are a happy person. They are miserable on the inside and it shows in their negative responses.
    Ira says he is just as happy on the water if others around him are catching fish... it really, really pisses the haters off.

    Good job IRA!
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  7. triploidjunkie Active Member

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    You know what's fun? When you're fishing with Ira, even if it's not your preferred method, put on the biggest indicator you have and cast within sight of where he's fishing. It will totally screw him up. Can't watch two indicators at once, but he'll try;)
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  8. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    I use a centerpin to fish a float & rubber worm,Sometimes I plunk wingbobbers & drink a beer am I bad?
  9. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    You implied that the fish had to be hooked in the corner of the jaw.
  10. Rob Hardman Active Member

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    Perhaps I'm too empathetic. I read a post like the OP, and it makes me happy. And it makes me happy for Ira that he had such a good time. I just don't get why anyone, for any reason, would wanna shit on that. Do they not realize that not only are they shitting on Ira, but diminishing the enjoyment the rest of us get from it? You wanna jump on someone's case for mishandling wild fish, trashing a river, etc, by all means, have at it; but for fuck's sake, let a guy have a good day and let the rest of us share it with him. And of all people; IRA?? Maybe I missed something, but has Ira ever been anything but positive and helpful, and a HUGE contributor to this forum?
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    Last year Maxim Magazine readers chose Miley Cyrus as the hottest woman of 2013. That kind of disappointment can only be matched by the fact that I haven't been on the water in two weeks and some bobber watcher who poses in the facedownassup position with a bonefish, swings up a chromegill.
  12. Irafly Active Member

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    Uhhh, thanks? In full disclosure though, I have not "always" been anything but positive and helpful, once or maybe twice I've been a possibly a tad bit of an instigator. Now the HUGE contributor part, that's true of course.

    And I also do not in anyway feel shat upon, but I will ask questions to people who make assumptions about my fishing or make blanket statements about the way others should enjoy the sport. I honestly opened myself up by posting the title of this thread the way I did. I expected flack (I did honestly start a minor little pool with one of my friends to see how long it would take, thanks JS I won!)
  13. Irafly Active Member

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    What can I say, facedownassup is my best side right after facesideassdownrightfootupleftfoottwistedhatbackwardelbowsintoescrossed position with a Shefish (I'll scrounge that picture up).

    Now knowing how much a guy like you loves him some Miley, I'll assume you were complimenting me. ;)
  14. Salmo_g Active Member

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    If your post is serious, I think you're delusional, NTTAWWT. It's not uncommon on fishing websites IMO. I talk a little bobber smack to Ira, not to make myself feel better, but in hopes of entertaining him as much as he's entertaining some of the rest of us. I'm neither jaded nor envious of Ira's success at bobbering up a fish. I have bobber fished and expect I will again - someday. But it's not my style to cast bobbers and lead as a regular thing with a fly rod, and I don't need or want to catch a fish badly enough to resort to more effective methods than what I employ. While the technique used is of no concern to many anglers, it is to others, as it often is to me. And if I'm miserable on the inside, it must be buried so deep I can't begin to find it. And I don't know Ira, but if I did, I think I'd like him. He seems like a cool guy, even if his fishing style renders him a lesser person.


    No, you're not bad, but if you plunk whilst drinking PBR or some other cheap macro brew, you probably deserve a hand up from the dregs of society. While there is nothing inherently wrong with plunking, the act does render one less connected with the act of fishing than any active method employing any gear type.


    It's imperative that we get after Ira a bit, not just because he was slumming with his bobber and lead gear, but mainly because his was a troll post. I read that if no one feeds the trolls, they will go away. And we don't want to lose a quality troll like Ira. In play off season like this, it's all about the trash talk. I think Ira can hold his own with the best of them.


    The mention of Miley Cyrus is the only downer in this thread. And you just had to go and do it, didn't you!


    This stuff about your positions, best and otherwise, is definitely TMI.

  15. Rob Allen Active Member

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    No I didn't I will say however that that is the best place to hook fish that you want to release. and if I hooked fish on the tongue or deep into the mouth I would change my technique.. That has nothing whatsoever to do with this thread.

    Salmo G.. I have absolutely no problem with Ira or any other bobber dragging troll :)

    all my problems are on another website..
  16. Peyton00 Active Member

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    Maxim is a spank magazine for kids going thru puberty and adults with ugly wives/girlfriends. My neighbor's favorite magazine.
  17. Peyton00 Active Member

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    I was making a generalization about negative posts.
    The person posting has a need/desire to respond in that way. They could easily read the thread and move on..... Its comes from somewhere.
  18. triploidjunkie Active Member

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    Miley got hottest woman and somebody voted maclemore rapper of the year. I only landed one fish over 30 inches all year. Wtf? 2013 was crap. Bring on 2014 It's already better so far.

    Edit: nevermind, I probably landed at least a dozen carp over thirty.
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  19. Irafly Active Member

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    First of all, no lead was cast, had I, with a leaded sink tip, all the swingers would be showing me love, alas just a floating line and yes an indicator after the first "swung/czech nymphed/articulated beast fly" steelhead. No split shot was employed.

    I do want to catch fish badly enough to fish a more effective method, thus the reason why I tried the center pin this year and you should hear about the time I made my indicator work with a tiny corky and split shot set up, just classic. I do so with no guilt, I do so not needing to, but wanting to and I do so not ever thinking of it at all as "resorting" to something, just fishing. As for cool, I do have low blood pressure and my body temp tends to run on the low side.

    Now dang you for figuring out my overwhelming need to bait/troll up some good ole controversy in the steelhead forum. So now that the truth is out I actually found that fish dead in the river after I dropped some TNT in the head of a hole. Then I simply found a big fly and stuck it his maw. Then I concocted this story so I could reopen the bitter swing would and attempt to strike it a final blow. To smart for me Salmo_g, to smart for me.
  20. Wayne Kohan fish-ician

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    I'm on my second beer of the evening and getting confused by this thread. Am I to swing for Miley, or peg (a bead in order to snag) her? If she is the hottest woman (girl, she just turned 21) of 2013 it was a downer year, though the football worked out perfectly. And hell, for the first time in a few years, I had no surgeries and no new diagnosed medical issues.

    Go Broncos, and Seahawks.

    And go Ira. I would like you to teach me the zen of the bobber some time, on some lake preferably. Let me know if you make it to the east side.

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