So this swinging thing.

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  1. Trolling indeed. I see a thread with swinging in the title, so I immediately grab my smoking jacket and pour myself a dram of 200 yr old fermented peat moss. So I'm properly fitted to engage in a gentlemanly discussion of proper fly fishing, I open the thread, and like a 2x4 to the head, I'm struck with some uncouth waxing of the imaginary virtues of bobber fishing. It's like checking in at the Ritz and opening the door to your room only to realize it's fitted with Red Roof Inn decorum.

    Well done, Ira.
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  2. Nice fish Ira.
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  3. I don't watch bobbers or dries or wakers or spoons or worms...those methods require me to pay attention and I would rather be jerked out of my daydream by something yanking on the line after they've done the hard work of hooking themselves.
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  4. I don't care how you fish as long as it's legal and respects the resource. I have used beads, bobbers and (Gasp) bait (in my younger days). I often high stick dead drift nymphs or emergers, because where I do it, the steel get very trouty and actively can feed on emergers and dries and it's effective. I prefer to swing or variation of (greased line, skate dry or waked flies) because, I think, my 1st swung steel and some but not all others took my presentation with a vigor that jerked the tip into the water and she was off cartwheeling downstream before I could say "Oh, $#!T". My line was ripping a roostertail in the water trying to catch up to the leader& fish. I am always hoping to replicate that moment. Fishing is about you & the river & maybe, if everything is right, a steelhead. Do what you like and what works for you.
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  5. I would only add two things 1. you need to treat your fellow anglers with respect as well that means sharing the water.. secondly to be out too hook as many fish as possible is not respectful of either the fish or other anglers, though this is rarely an issue. If you are having a stellar day, know when to quit don't just keep racking them up.
  6. If my stellar day ends up being a 7 fish day, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. There's been enough skunkings over the years to keep the numbers well in the fishes favor.

    How does hooking a few fish disrespect anybody? I don't get that line of thought.
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  7. And the self imposed limit is where exactly? I agree with PT, I don't buy it at all, and I don't find it disrespectful to others or the fish to hook as many fish as a I can when I can and where and how it is legal to do so. That is if no one else is there to catch them. If there are other people around and I'm doing well, I'm giving up flies and rocks and techniques to the point that other people are annoyed with me. "Full of Hubris" as one lady once said. Friendliness is in my nature.
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  8. When to quit is after one more.
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  9. Ira,

    Great report. Thanks for sharing.
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  10. Ira.

    there are two considerations... the more fish you hook, the more you are going to inflict incidental mortality.. there is no way to escape that and therefore disrespectful to the fish..

    The second instance as you pointed out if there are other people around who are struggling it might be more respectful to as you suggested try to help them rather than to just keep racking up the " points"

  11. I dont buy the "only get your hands so dirty" idealogy either. You can fool yourself Rob, but not me.
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  12. Yeah, and that is where your argument breaks down, sorry but if there is disrespect to the fish with incidental mortality, that could happen with one fish. That means you disrespect the fish every time you attempt to catch them. So in your own thinking none of us should fish at all, for that matter, don't turn on your lights in a hydro-powered Washington.

    Again if other people are not around, then I am going to continue to try to catch as many fish as I can. I like what PT said about how it all balances out.
  13. a person's argument does not break down when they are in the right.. selfishness has no place in steelhead fishing.

    welcome to ignore.
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  14. Huh???? I want to come live on whatever planet you're from.
  15. Awful preachy Rob. Once some switch finally flicked in my head, steelhead fishing became fun again. The switch of 'it is what it is'. You are being inherently greedy asking others to control their behavior to your standards. It took me a while to finally realize this in my own angling. You worry about your behavior as you see fit. I will worry about mine. The next guy can worry about theirs. Conflicts will arise, as they do in all facets of life...such is the program on public rivers. As it should be.
  16. Low holers and people who don't offer beer when they float past, that is what I consider selfish. Catching as many fish as you can? I get that if you are poaching and have 8 fish sitting on ice back in the truck, but if you are C&R? There is no logic. That makes about as much sense as pre-heating a microwave.
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  17. Hypothetically, a guy has spent 1200 days on the water and has 400 steelhead to hand. On his 1201st day he catches 7 rather than quitting after 2..... Instead of .334721 fish per day he now has a whopping .3388842 fish per day average. My guilt meter didn't budge with that exceptional day. ;)

    I have great respect for every fish I catch. The keepers get dispatched immediately so they don't suffer and the fish to be released are done so as quick as possible. As sportsmen, that is our duty.
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  18. Some motherfuckers always trying to ice-skate uphill.
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  19. Depends on how you view the resource. When there are *tons* of fish, like on the Madison, having a 50 fish day means little when there's like 5000 trout per mile. When sore mouthing a dozen fish when a run size is less that 5000 for 45 miles of river, you are in effect reducing the ability for others to catch fish. Basically, someones need starts to weigh more heavily than others, which can be viewed as greedy. For me, I've had stellar days, but quit after a while. To me I'd rather catch some one day and let others try to get theirs too, or myself if I came out the next day. Either that, or I start to do goofy shit like skating for winter runs just to see if it can be done.

    Also, after a certain point, when does 7 - 12 steelhead days really matter? After that 7th fish, could you tell me anything about any of the random fish you've caught without having to go back to a camera? That of course is a personal view and certainly doesn't hold true for all.
  20. gets my vote for all time most obvious troll. kudos on using such effective bait. i am reminded again why i avoid the steelhead forum, and to a lesser extent wff, and washington as whole.
    should be called the the "i need to fish more and troll less forum"

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