So this swinging thing.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Irafly, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Low holers and people who don't offer beer when they float past, that is what I consider selfish. Catching as many fish as you can? I get that if you are poaching and have 8 fish sitting on ice back in the truck, but if you are C&R? There is no logic. That makes about as much sense as pre-heating a microwave.
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    Hypothetically, a guy has spent 1200 days on the water and has 400 steelhead to hand. On his 1201st day he catches 7 rather than quitting after 2..... Instead of .334721 fish per day he now has a whopping .3388842 fish per day average. My guilt meter didn't budge with that exceptional day. ;)

    I have great respect for every fish I catch. The keepers get dispatched immediately so they don't suffer and the fish to be released are done so as quick as possible. As sportsmen, that is our duty.
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    Some motherfuckers always trying to ice-skate uphill.
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  4. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    Depends on how you view the resource. When there are *tons* of fish, like on the Madison, having a 50 fish day means little when there's like 5000 trout per mile. When sore mouthing a dozen fish when a run size is less that 5000 for 45 miles of river, you are in effect reducing the ability for others to catch fish. Basically, someones need starts to weigh more heavily than others, which can be viewed as greedy. For me, I've had stellar days, but quit after a while. To me I'd rather catch some one day and let others try to get theirs too, or myself if I came out the next day. Either that, or I start to do goofy shit like skating for winter runs just to see if it can be done.

    Also, after a certain point, when does 7 - 12 steelhead days really matter? After that 7th fish, could you tell me anything about any of the random fish you've caught without having to go back to a camera? That of course is a personal view and certainly doesn't hold true for all.
  5. hydrological beads are NOT flies and snagging is just ghetto

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    gets my vote for all time most obvious troll. kudos on using such effective bait. i am reminded again why i avoid the steelhead forum, and to a lesser extent wff, and washington as whole.
    should be called the the "i need to fish more and troll less forum"

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    who the fuck is catching 7-12 steelhead a day? I must be a crappy fisherman....or I just need a boat and a 2 rod license and rig it up with side drifters on either side...awe, fuck it, I'll stick to hiking in...much more fun, see tons of cool shit, like the American Dipper that low-holed me three times last weekend...or the half eaten elk carcass I came I didn't stick around long enough to find out what killed it--I think I already knew. Or the little winter wrens flitting around my feet as I bush-whack from path to river. Or the bald eagles I could hear, but not see...somehow, I am fortunate to squeeze in a fish or two in there sometimes. Last weekend, I didn't get that opportunity, but I did shake fins with a beauty of a Sea Run Cutthroat as by-catch.
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    There is a river to the north where there were once signs posted by anglers asking to have people stop fishing after 2 fish. Seemed resonalble. The idea wasn't conservation based (it's a c&r river) but it was kind of a give everyone a chance thing.

    On the at least one eastern Atlantic Salmon river (Matapedia?) you are required to stop fishing after either 2 or 3 fish. This may be conservation based to some extent, or it could be a social rule.

    I have gone home many times after hooking one fish on my local river. Time to take the family out and get the wine. In fact, after the last steelhead I hooked, I drove home. It was a large fish that I was not going to top. I had a 3+ hour drive ahead of me. I was content. It was a great feeling. Satiated is not an adjective I can use to describe myself often with relation to steelheading. When it happens I role with it.

    Go Sox,
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    Your believe does not offend me, but I certainly don't think you are in the right. I am impressed though that you are so unselfish that you have given up all attempt to catch fish anymore and that you run your computer using elctricity garnered completely off the grid. Nice work there.
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    Dang, you figured me out, that is exactly what my intend was, you read me so well, you are obviously too smart for me!

    And yes my bait was so tempting wasn't it, heck I even hooked myself a "hydrological". He wanted to ignore it so bad but in the end even though he talks a big game about how he avoids the steelhead forum and how others should fish more, he still couldn't help but take a big ole mouthful of it.

    So ironic isn't it that a guy would say I'm a troll, add nothing to the conversation or a report of his own and then say that others need to fish more. What a joke.
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    I will happily kill my two hatchery and be done, regardless of how great the fishing is.
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    I sometimes have my students engage in a brainstorming excersice where they make a list of at least 100 things related to a topic. Last time we did it I asked them to choose their top 10 ideas and average where on their list they fell. When we took a whole class average of the top ideas, it turns out that it was the 56th idea that ended up being best. You never know which fish will end up being that great memory. I can tell you that although I've only experienced a handful and a half of the more than 7 fish hooked steelhead days, that I have several great memories of specific fish past 7.
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    How is that report considered a "troll" post? ...I got none of that (troll-like feeling) in his report. I got a great report that highlighted [to him] why he fishes the way he does (very similar to the way I fish--maybe that's why I usually like Ira's posts, or perhaps...just perhaps it's because they are always good, solid reports-then it's the trolls who apparently like to come out following that). If that's what a "troll" post is like, then there are shitload of trolls on here, there are a shitload of trolls on Speypages, there are a shitload of trolls on Westfly...etc etc etc...

    It's no different than a report stating about how cool it was to swing up a nice steelhead...but somehow that's ok, right?
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  13. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    Ira pretty much admitted that it was a troll thread on page 3.

    Go Sox,
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    Ira-thanks for stimulating a great thread. I'm glad you are enjoying the controversy, as am I. It points out a number of things including how anal some people are and how some of us are entirely lacking in a sense of humor! Keep up the good work Ira and lets go fishing together soon! Rick
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    Nah, I just admitted that some people would take my post that way based upon the title. I also admitted that I thought some others would respond negatively. I did not admitted that I was attempting to troll, besides everyone who knows me, knows that I indicator fish, so I don't troll much to catch my fish, I laser like focus my presentation to more appropriately encourage takes.
  16. Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

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    I guess that I was wrong.
    Go Sox,
  17. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    What! Ira is a troll! Oh man, I am hacked and so close to taking action rofl1.gif
  18. David Dalan 69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E

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    Stop fishing because I'm catching too many fish?

    To quote the great philosopher..."Bitch please!"

    I fish for me and to a MUCH lesser extent to put bonkers in the fridge for the kids. I don't scout rivers, obsess over gear, pick the ear of everyone who will let me, and spend 12 hours driving and fishing to pull out early. Don't get me wrong, I'm as likely to say to another angler "get down here, you idiot, and catch one of these." But quit for the day?

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    this is a classy view. i identify with this.
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    Way back when, before such a thing as steelhead CNR seasons existed, the daily catch limit was 2 steelhead. Two, regardless of whether the fish were retained - all steelhead were legal to keep then - or released. Land two fish and you were finished for the day. In those days barbless hooks were more or less unheard of as well, so when an angler hooked a dark steelhead (no angler worthy of the title kept dark steelhead or even one that was slightly beyond blushed) all kinds of contortions were performed so that the hook might fall out and the fish "lost" rather than landed, so that he could continue fishing a while longer.

    After CNR became somewhat common, and mainly because of quality trout waters like Lenice and Dry Falls, it became legal to fish until the "daily limit was retained." Since the daily limit was zero, the mentality of fishing 'til you catch 'em all developed. Unfortunately it hasn't improved the quality of the fishing or of those who fish for them.