So You Think You've Been Low Holed

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Darden, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. This could ruin your whole day!
  2. Drop the fat streamer in the boat :)
  3. at least you will know if there were fish out there
  4. Same thing happened to me two years ago at Kyak PT. It sucked
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  5. Same here. Different spot though. I saw a skiff far in the distance travelling fast right to the beach I was fishing on.

    It was a group of young guys being coached by one older one. The only thing they round hauled were a couple of nice, fat searun cutthroats from their seine net which had been tied to a log on the beach and was towed out into the current with their skiff. They weren't sure what to do with them. I suggested they might consider gently releasing them. They thought about that for awhile and then proceeded to literally throw the poor gasping trout that had been flopping around on the sand and rocks back into the Sound. It was an enlightening moment, the scene forever seared into my brain.
  6. +1 on casting into the boat. WTF could they say? Just act like you don't even see them when you do it. As if they don't matter and aren't even there. An eye for an eye and all that. In fact... Aim for the eyes!

    I haven't had this problem fly fishing. But living on Whidbey there is a bit of a meat harvest fishery in August and September when the runs get hot. It's not uncommon to see boat anglers nudging in on the shore fishers territory. I don't own a boat. And as far as I'm concerned, since I'm not swimming out into the boaters territory on the other six days a week when the salmon are out too far they have no business nudging in on my pod when I'm fishing them. And I have indeed dropped lures on boats. Just watch how a bad attitude changes when you tell 'em to beach their boat so you can clear up the matter.
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  7. Would be cool to have one of those big water guns that look like pvc tubes with handles on them. BLAST EM. Or a beaded fly whip smacking him in the face.
  8. What IS the proper tippet size for whipping an @$$h0!e in the face with a bead head stone fly nymph??? ;)
  9. 10incher, toughest guy on all the interwebz.
  10. They're making a living
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  11. It's that time of year!
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  12. You are not going to change the way the gill netter fishes and if you try by doing something stupid you might get yourself into a situation you won't like. Learn to deal with adversity. A lot of the fish that hit the net will not gill and will move around it. Fish off the end of the net and you will catch a ton of fish.

    I do this on the Skagit when they are netting the river. I set my boat to drift along with the gill netter just off the end and cast spoons towards it. Never fail to catch fish.
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  13. what do you get if you hook net and real it in? what lb test should i use?
  14. Learn to cast and hooking the net won't be a concern.
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  15. That's about it. I'm more like a Jack Russell than a Pit Bull in both stature and attitude. I'll bite you. But it'll just be scary, not dangerous. I'll leave the tough guy stuff to Alex.
  16. Arrested?
  17. I rather just post about fishing instead of actually putting I. Work

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  18. Glad I didn't waste my time trying to paddle out in Quilcene Bay this last Sun or Mon. I found out that three seiners scooped up most of the fish that were staging there just before the weekend, and a couple of gill netters showed up afterwards and cleaned up any scraps. Whatever didn't get wiped out then are probably swimming up into the Killscene now, after this rain.

    I'm heading out into the unknown again this morning, a bit late, but not too late for where I'm going.
  19. fishing for silvers in valdez i had to get out of the water or i would have been netted with with the silvers they were picking up. it was actually kind of cool to watch. and i was catching as many fish as i wanted anyway. what a blast.
  20. Just think. This could have been somewhere in Puget Sound around about 1890...

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