So You Think You've Been Low Holed

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Darden, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Remember when you mess with a native American you are messing with a person protected by treatys with the federal govenment and you can be prosecuted in federal courts.
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    Time to start swinging a bale of hay...though, for some damn reason, I have a hard time keeping that pattern from breaking off.
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    it happened again at walmart. was standing in line and talking to a guy about the upcoming deer season and got bulldozed out of line by a big chunky lady with an 18 pack. yep she was last and boom she was first. you snooze you lose. mike w
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    To manage my anger with rude drivers, fishers, Walmart Bremelos etc., I have recently started to imagine them as a moose or a bison in Yellowstone National Park. Just be patient and either let the dumb animals pass or I move somewhere else. It's actually working pretty well for me.
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    A similar thing happened to me two years ago but just opposite. I was fishing in my boat, not far off shore and anchored on my own beach property. As the tide receeded, two gear guys walked down the beach nearly in front of me and started pitching Buzz Bombs. There was 400 yards of beach on either side of me and no one else there but they chose my exact location to fish? What the hell? After three close calls, I told them if they hit my boat, I was coming ashore and to watch their manners because they were on "my beach". I sort of used some off color language but they got the message and moved away but I think they were jealous because we were nailing the fish. Problem was, everyone could have been getting fish. It works both ways, I guess.