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  1. I lucked out Saturday.

    After fishing Rocky Ford, I rolled into Soap Lake to my Motel.

    Masquers Theater was alive with people, but I did not have reservations. I put my fishing gear in the room, then ran down the street to the theater.

    It was a sold out show, but they had 2 no-shows, so I snapped up one ticket.

    If you plan to take in a show, I recommend reservations. Sat night shows seem to pack a full house.

    See a history of the theater at

    I saw "Fiddler on the Roof" and was impressed by the local, volunteer actors.

    Oh yes, Rocky Ford was challenging. 2 fish in 3 hours on Saturday, Skunked on Sunday fishing 4 hours. I dead drifted scuds, buggers and hairs ears under indicators. I stripped Crazy large steel head bunny leaches, small olive bugger and small black buggers at them. Both fish came to a small stripped black woolly bugger.

    I used 9 ft 4x flouro, I may have to return to 5x and even 6x to get more strikes in the future.

    Those of you who are "dialed" to RF, what kind of leader/tippet do you use?

    At least the coyotes returned my calls at sunset.

    A few guys were hunting rabbits with shotguns on the hill behind RF. Never knew you could get rabbits with a shot gun. It seems like to me, a non-hunter, that a shotgun would blow the little guys all to pieces, not good for getting bunny fur strips for fly tying.

    Anyone have experience hunting rabbits? If so, what type and size of firearm that is appropriate for going after bunnies?

    I hate to admit this it, but the hunting looked like fun.
  2. Before the jack rabbit became endangered, long ago, we used to hunt them with shotguns in the sagebrush. No different than bird hunting really. One season, I took more than I could count. It got locked down the following season. So yea, it was pretty much my fault.

    But yes, great source of fur for tying materials and using a shotgun didn't make much difference in the hide.

    We used 20 gauges and sometime 12 if the rabbits were spooked easily.

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  3. I use really long leader at least 13 feet long. Look for those floating leaf things cast right by them. Or target the fish digging around you'll see those a lot. Drift scuds by those guys
  4. Can you still hunt rabbits in eastern Washington???....Between the endangered pygmy rabbits and the very low populations of jack rabbits I would think all seasons would be closed.

    My favorite rabbit hunting story in eastern Washington....Way back in the early 1980's just as the pheasant population was crashing in the basin. I was hunting pheasants and ran into two black gentlemen with shotguns. I asked them how hunting was and the reply I got was "not to good, too many pheasants getting in the way of the rabbits".
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  5. I never go smaller than 4x on the Ford. Nine foot is too short, go at least twelve, thirteen or fourteen if bright and sunny.
  6. Luke and Vladimir, thanks for your info on hunting. I have never been on a hunt of any kind. Only experience with shotguns was shooting tin cans thrown in the air by one of my girlfriends in college. She lived in a small desert farming community in Oregon approx 1 hr from Boise, Id. The gun had two barrels, but he locking mechanism did not work, so we had to hold on tight to keep the gun from folding up. Not sure if the bunny hunting is legal at Rl. The teenage boys showed held up 4 rabbits for me to admire from across the creek. Lots of shooting for not too many rabbits, but their hunting was way more successful than my fishing that day.

    Joe and Triploid,

    I remember using 11-14 ft leaders in 5x to 6x back in the mid 90's when I first fished rocky ford. My casting was awful, I lost numerous flies on my back cast and broke off on the monsters, but it seems like I got quite a few more tugs with the long leader/tiny flies/tiny diameter leader. Thanks for reminding me that long leaders are important, especially during sunny weather. I will try that on my next trip. I fish RF about 1 weekend every 6 weeks during fall and winter. I will try casting next to the bunches of aquatic plants floating down the river next time I see them. Thanks, Joe for giving up that secret.
  7. yes, hunting is legal at Rocky Ford.

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