Sockeye anyone?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by FishPirate, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. FishPirate New Member

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    Anyone going after Lk Washington sockeye with a fly rod this weekend???
  2. Scott New Member

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    I would love to go for Sockeye this weekend; however, I am new to the area and do not know a thing about it. Are there areas to go from the shore? I have caught Sockeye's on the Kenai, but never anywhere else. Is it a productive fishery?

  3. hikepat Patrick

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    I have been watching this post because I had planned to fish it this weekend but the motor on my boat would not start on Sunday. I have no idea why so I am taking it in next week which is the soonest the shop could get it in. I have given some thought to taking the kayak out with my fly rod and I would love to hear if anyone has tried for the sockeye in lake Washington on a fly rod. What type of fly, are they using a full sink line and maybe an area that the bigger boats can not get into to try. Bouncing around the bridges in a kayak or float tube would get old real quick with all the boat traffic and many do not watching for a small boat like mine. so how about it has anyone out there tried for the lake Washington Sockeye using a fly rod what worked what did not? :DUNNO
  4. Randy Knapp Active Member

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    I thought Lake Washington was closed to sockeye this year??

  5. o mykiss Active Member

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    WDFW just announced it's open Friday thru Sunday due to late surge in counts (above 320k at last count I saw).
  6. DW New Member

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    I'm all over it...Takin' the day off work and hittin' it at 5 AM - see y'all out there!

    - DW
  7. callibaetis Guest

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    Sounds like fun to me. How and where do you flyfish for sockeye in Lake Washington?
  8. Dan Reynolds Member

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    I'm heading out to brave the waves in my pontoon boat on sunday.

    I'm giving the flyrod a rest for the weekend and taking my 8'6" ugly stick, dodger, 6 oz weight and red hook combo to "blend in" with the locals!

    It's tough to get a fly down 60-90 feet deep so when in as the Romans...i guess :DUNNO

    momma wants a little salmon and told me she never sees me bring home fish ( C&R ) so I better keep her happy.
  9. KerryS Ignored Member

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    Lake Wahington is a big lake but, not big enough for a weekend opener in the middle of one of the west coast largest cities. Thanks but,no thanks.

    Silvers will be coming soon. They are a better fish in my humble opinion.