Sockeye fly patterns for fresh water???

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Golden Trout, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Since we have a good sockeye run I have given some (not a lot in 100-degree weather)to tossing
    a fly at them. Usually huddled around the AC this time of year except for early morning cardio which took me across bridge and a few dead sockeye on the banks. Just what kind of fly would you recommend?
  2. something pink and flashy and small.
  3. Cathy's Coat. Look up Osprey Fly fishing website for the pattern.
  4. This pattern, but tied with flashabou, produced face hookups in AK last week. Tied small.

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  5. Won't the lakes be to warm for you to safely fish for them? ;)
  6. All the responsible fly fisherman have quit fishing local lakes many weeks ago. A local river has just cleared up and is less than 65 degrees. Notice my post said "bridge"!

    What were the surface temps at Grimes?
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  7. Red Octopus Hook with a few wisps of red flashabou. Dead drift and swing. Worked for me on more than 1 occasion. Admittedly, I've never tried anything else.
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  8. Lake Wenatchee is the main lake for sockeye here in NCW. It's cold all year round!
  9. Tyeoneon:
    On exceptional run years some of the sockeye make into Lake Osoyoos and on into BC. Lake Osoyoos warms up quickly and is primarily a bass lake. The local gear/bait guys catch sockeye from the lake when the fish counters feel there are enough to warrant such action.

    Hope the fires have not harmed the lake Wenatchee fishery.
  10. 69 to 70 and all the fish I hooked on that trip were released without harm.
  11. The fire is below Lake Wenatchee. Water temp at Lake Wenatchee on Wednesday was 55 degrees.
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  12. not at all, though driving up chumstick vs 2 has been a PITA


  13. Golden Trout,

    Looks like this year may be one of those exceptional run years.

    Ocean conditions must have been superb as this Osoyoos prediction is in addition to the huge run thought to be coming to the Fraser system, notably the Adams River run which is forecast up to 70 million.

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