Sockeye in the Cedar

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Richard Olmstead, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. If you have a kid that loves fish, or if YOU love fish, now is the time to take a stroll along the Cedar River. I like it up near Landsburg.




  2. The beauty of Autumn.

    Thanks for posting Richard.
  3. You didn't happen to see any large bows feeding on eggs did you? I would love to watch that, and it has me considering alevin flies in the first week of the season, even though it would definitley be late for the emergence. Possibly a small baitfish streamer with an orange belly. Seems like the trout would immediatley recognize it as food.
  4. In the past they've come in prior to season end (late August) and some of the largest rainbow's you'll see all year will take anything. They'll gladly roll on a PMX in broad daylight for example.

  5. The day I got my biggest cedar bow nymphing I also landed a big male sockeye on the same nymph in the same pool.
  6. Maybe a small Chum Baby?
  7. No, and I was looking to see if there were any 'shadows' hanging out below the redds, but I didn't see any.
  8. What are they biting on?
  9. Daniel -
    The Cedar is closed to fishing this time of year to protect the spawning salmon. The open season is June through August.
  10. Oh okay.
  11. Also, aren't you supposed to be focused on steel right now? Head in the game, man, head in the game!

    Also, those are some nice pictures. Sockeye are cool fish.
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  12. Yes I am 100% dedicated to steelhead. Mr Olmstead just did not get my sarcasm/joke. Sundowners perhaps.

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