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  1. Has anyone fished for sockeye in the salt water before they enter Lake Washington? As far as I can tell from the regulations, you can fish for them from about 200 feet west of the railroad bridge. About 10 days ago there was a steady stream of fish moving in, jumping only 10 to 30 feet off the beach.

  2. you know what joe, saturday morning I'm gonna be there and fly fishin for them. never have even thought of it. gotta do a search on sockeye flies and techniques in saltwater. :THUMBSUP
  3. I might be old---but I'm good.

    What time and where?
  4. i live near there and watch the spin fishermen out there often. i think a float tube or boat of some kind would be useful. be interested to here how you do :HAPPY jer
  5. I thought that area was closed from the lighthouse to the point at golden gardens. If not that sounds like a great idea!
  6. Closed

    The area of which you refer is closed for Salmon from July 1- August 31. The closed area is Shilshole Bay, an imaginary line from West Point (Discovery Park) to Meadow Point (Golden Gardens) to the BNW Bridge near the locks. Bridge to Locks is closed waters.

    My understanding is that the area is closed only to Salmon, and would be open for Cutt/Steelhead fishing?
  7. Closed

    I checked again, and the above holds. Sorry to be a bubble buster. No Salmon fishing allowed between Golden Gardens and West Point until Sept 1. I'd try north of GG including Carceek north. West Point is highly enforced, much better options off the beaches north of GG.
  8. Closed

    I fish carkeek all the time, have got into some cuts there but no salmon. Are freshwater patterns still good for salt or should you stick to baitfish imitations?

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