Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Crump, Apr 15, 2004.

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  1. To one of those dudes from spokane....:reallymad }(
  2. ITS MINE!!!!

    Its sold!!! how much do I have to pay for it now??

    drop me an email

    later homey!!

    ~Patrick ><>

    Remember who created the fish!
  3. ITS MINE!!!!

    Remember Patrick, 8 foot ceiling, 9 foot rod....hmmm


    Life goes on, enjoy it...
  4. ITS MINE!!!!

    Where the heck did you get that Crump? Would fit well in my living room.... :)
  5. ITS MINE!!!!

    Well you are going to have to fight pwoens for it!!
    Let the bidding wars begin!!!
    ..sorry Pat!!:bawling
  6. ITS MINE!!!!

    I will bust open a fat can of whoopjoanwulfwannabes ars if you sell it out from underneath me...btw your phone is not working??? If I could get through to you I would arrange for a pickup tomorrow...drop me a line when you get a chance...later

    backoff NN :p

    Roper....I will cut a hole in the ceiling and re-rock it to accomodate the new found rod display rack :)

    ~Patrick ><>

    Remember who created the fish!
  7. ITS MINE!!!!

    I'll offer.... hmmmm... $3500.?

    nah just kidding- it's all yours Pat :)
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